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The fashion and beauty tips of Inma Soria, our blogger from Coohuco

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Inma Soria is the star and editor of Coohuco, one of fashion blogs ‘star’ in Mujerhoy.com. However, today we put in front of the camera (video, this time) to mess with it in your closet, in your purse, in your toiletry bag … and tell us your tricks and secrets to squander, as so well done, beauty and style.

Coohuco, or Inma Soria , reveals that the secret of your closet is in the basic , like skinny jeans, nice shoes and a good bag which also never fails cologne, deodorant and a cream to moisturize hands. To be perfect, we confess that nothing better than “rest and feed my hours to be reflected outside.” In addition, it preferred the natural: ” I hardly ever go makeup “.

But the best you find out yourself what told us in this video. Take note of your fashion and beauty tips, because they are very useful!

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