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The first appointment: what you should do and what you should not do

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To succeed on the first date is easier than you think. The key is naturally interested in the other person and not make the victim and enjoy without prejudice. We give you a little guide to keep you amused: 

What did you do: the successes on the first date

Forget about your ex. It is a basic rule that should be embossed in a visible place. If you’re still stuck in the past history and the obsessive stage we all know in which no matter what the subject, everything can serve to bring your ex to talk, maybe you should be striving to be with other. Not a nail out another. A first date including a confessional to complain about your ex is doomed to failure. The other party will notice that you are still hurt and no one likes to serve as a bandaid.

Leave work at home.  You’re in a job interview, so once ye informed each other of what you do to live should move to a more fun conversation. Although the workplace is where you move more safely, you do not have to take heart to a person who is interested to know you a little more. Not good look like a shark or climb finance office. You can roll back a lot of good people.

Refrain from talking about the number of children you would like to have . It’s a first date, is not the engagement party. Both’re testing the waters beneath their feet and it is better to be cautious. It is very reasonable to talk about the future with someone you hardly know. You do not have to tell you how many children you want to have babies or names you love. Nor should we talk about the next vacation. I even recommend that if you decide to spend the night at home much you take care not to let “forgotten” toothbrush in your bathroom. They run fast and far.

Have fun, be natural, laugh, and you notice that you’re a happy girl who is not hopeless. If you relax and you have a good, surely someone else will be happy and things will start to go in the right direction. At least not be precipitated by the precipice of disaster. One of the most important things to check on a first date is if you can be comfortable alone.

Watch the other. Do not force the machine. If not, better know as soon as possible. The first appointment is for you. You must pay attention to things that do not convince and not try to run over reality. Force is counterproductive and self fool the machine. It’s bread for today and hungry for tomorrow.  

What you should not do: mistakes on the first date

be painted like a door.  You have to be natural. Blockbusters are makeup and costumes for film and theater. Any exaggeration will be interpreted by the other party as excessive expectations or as an aggressive attitude. I’d bet on something neutral so that you can feel comfortable and safe, and which mislead or attack the other party.

Go dressed like a homeless.  This is the other extreme , seem to come from out the trash. This denotes disinterest and neglect. And really, if you are not interested in this person, what you do here. Commitment to balance the style.

Speaking of desires with your parents to marry and grandparents do.  I think that from an age every girl can feel some pressure from family, friends or the environment. We understand. But please, do not bring the issue on the first date. Do not tell you are the last single premium of your generation, you not whine because they’ve spent years trying to have a boyfriend but nothing comes out. A first dates do not come to this. For real.

Drunk as a louse.  Try to be cheerful, friendly, witty. Drink if you like but do not get drunk because you say madly everything you go through your head and lose the ability to discern. And besides, no one likes to go with a drunk and almost unknown being (if you are almost two strange yet) by the bars.

Do not interrogate . Leave your vocation parked detective. Let everyone tell you what he wants. Should not pressure anyone to read something that was not intended to tell. It’s just a first date. If you’ve been spying on their Facebook profiles and Instagram (Mal, from here I tell you ), and you have seen something suspicious, this is not the time to clarify your doubts. If you think you lie, do not ever meet him, but no pressure or interrogate. It’s not pretty.

Do not look at the clock.  Moreover, make an effort and do not take it out of the bag. Try to get involved in the conversation, show yourself interested, do not yawn. Do not check Facebook. If there is something more interesting on the phone, he is before you notice it , and probably end up losing interest.

Do not talk about sex like you’re a therapist or an aeronautical engineer . No matter what you’ve been blessed with a courageous and rampant sexual life. This is no time to show off being a wolf sex. Not to demonstrate your mastery of the technical and emotional intercourse or cite all the sex toys you have at home details. I repeat, on a first date conversations should be neutral. Nobody wants to go out with an academic sex.

Do not speak ill of others (even your damn ex) . Avoid making critical comments about others, not bad goals, you not think wiles and intrigues. That leaves you worse to you than the object of criticism. Do not forget that the other person is looking at you with eyes browser and these behaviors usually do not like anyone.

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