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The hair withstands temperatures of up to 140 degrees in dry and 200 in wet – Pharmaceutical Post – All Dermo

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“The hair straighteners can reach 220 degrees, but the hair only withstand temperatures of 140 degrees when dry, and 200 degrees when wet , ” says Rosalia Gozalo, member of Dermopharmacy the COF of Madrid . Amalia Lopez, product manager RENE FURTERER (Pierre Fabre), notes that exceeded the limit temperature enduring hair “modifications of the structure are irreversible. Water evaporation fiber occurs. Water is the plasticiser of the keratin protein which conditions the superficial and deep capillary fiber structure. If, in addition, exceed 233 degrees, keratin melts.

This leads to “the hair cuticle more vulnerable and more sensitive to UV radiation , ” points out Gozalo. Hence the importance of using proper thermoprotective. Such products involve the hair fiber with a microfilm that as Modesta Cassinello, pharmaceutical explains Pharmacy Modesta in Granada, protects and, in turn, promotes smoothing.

Gozalo indicates that ” the treatments thermoprotectors form a protective shield that prevent alteration and loss of the protective layer of keratin . In addition, they restore, maintain hydration and cushion the damage. ” According Gozalo, “they are activated by heat and prevent high temperatures to form a protective film around the thread to seal the cuticle. They also contain nutrients which, in contact with heat, moisturize hair and act preemptively. “

The product manager ensures that these products are the most effective to protect hair from high temperatures. And gives the example of Lissea spray thermo-protector, René Furterer, whose purpose is to “protect the hair fiber thermal aggression from iron up to 220 degrees”. In addition, “smoothing optimizes long-lasting moisture thanks to its surround effect and action.” Its properties include that “prevents the spread of heat and limits the insensible water loss from the hair fiber.”

To avoid damaging your hair, besides using thermal protectors, Gozalo insists on choosing the most appropriate source of heat: “You have to choose a suitable plates that are able to distribute the heat evenly, since, depending on temperatures reached, the damage may become irreversible and only cut to the level of damage can solve the problem. “

Besides the use of protective and limit the temperature to which the hair is exposed, be careful hair later. Thus, Cassinello aftercare explains that “they are intended to moisturize, nourish and repair the hair fiber.”

“We must restore as soon as possible to restore elasticity, shine and flexibility, choosing the product that best suits your needs. It may be a serum, mask, or thermoactive oil spray , repairing hair fibers using the heat conferring iron or dryer “Gozalo exposed. Also it proposes using trims. Not to mention adequate food, which positively affects hair health.

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