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The ideal repellent: without odor, that does not irritate the skin and with evaporation capacity – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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The use of repellents is more necessary than ever in an era of epidemiological transition in infectious diseases, which has been favored by globalization and climate change.

Concern about insect – borne diseases has been increasing after the latest caused by Zika virus or Ebola crisis. To address this important issue, the COF of Madrid presented last week at the Day Dermopharmacy , and with the participation of Minister of Health of the Community of Madrid, Jesús Sánchez Martos, Diptera and ticks: a public health the first guide for responsible use of repellents .


Repellents body should be present in e l portofolio of products offered from the pharmacy, but how should be to be effective? The guide includes this will depend on its concentration and application uniformity. In any case, the ideal repellent should have evaporation capacity and act for at least eight hours without having to repeat the application; be useful for different insect species; not irritate the skin and mucous membranes; be waterproof without being too fatty, be resistant to abrasion and have no odor.

However, since the COF clear that there is still no product available that meets all these features and that their effectiveness is proven only four to eight hours after application .

The guide also read the instructions leaflet recommends good and warn that its usefulness will also depend sweating, exposure to water, ambient temperature, concentration and type of formulation. The document also contains recommendations to prevent bites through personal protection measures such as using mosquito nets, clothing clear covering odors, insecticides and avoiding scented cosmetics.

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