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The ideal temperature of the shower water, between 25 and 30 degrees – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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The ideal water temperature of shower would warm between 25 and 30 degrees, and last approximately 5 minutes. If a bath, the temperature will vary according to the purpose sought.

Hot water temperature (29-37 degrees) is perfect to relax and relieve contractures, but not recommended to be more than 15 minutes, because if no skin is dehydrated.

  • Showering with warm water keeps the moisturized, smooth and skin with closed pores

A bath with warm water relaxes, refreshes and stimulates circulation. Bathrooms with fresh water (18-24 degrees) reactivates, but must be short to avoid numbness. In both cases the water excessively hot (over 38 degrees), dry the dermis and can crack the skin. Therefore, Clara Ferrer, member of Dermopharmacy the COF of Gerona recommended that the water temperature does not exceed body temperature, about 37 degrees.

The benefits of a shower with warm water are manifold:

• The skin appearance improvement
• Maintain more hydrated, smooth and with closed pores
• Relieves itching
• Improves circulation and keeps at bay varices
• The hair is not greasy so much and this brighter
• The person feels more active
• stimulates metabolism and burns more calories

  • If abused daily hot water lipids and natural skin oils are removed

Instead, daily abuse of very hot water has consequences. Lipids and natural skin oils which form a natural barrier to prevent water evaporation removed.

Dry skin becomes chapped, rough, tight and itchy appearance. You can accelerate the aging process and the appearance of wrinkles , “explains the expert. In addition, losing the natural protection, the skin becomes more vulnerable to external agents, dermatitis, allergies, infections may appear, etc. Scalp also suffers dehydration loss of lipids and could produce more sebum to compensate, so that the pores would be open.

People with skin disease should avoid showering with warm water and mild.

In psoriasis water at elevated temperature dry skin , cause itching and irritation and it might even worsen the disease. Although “slightly hot baths with emollients relieve itching and moisturize psoriatic plaques, apart from having a calming effect , ” says Ferrer.

If the individual has rosacea, hot water causes vasodilation , which would aggravate the condition. In skin with acne, skin resecaría too hot and produce a lipid imbalance that could worsen the injury. “It would also open the pores and would be more susceptible to accumulate bacteria and residues”.

Generally, people with skin disease, “are more vulnerable to detergents containing cleaning products. Les hurts more the effects of excessive hygiene soaps and inadequate hygiene and quality. The corrosive action of soap eliminates skin lipids and its own bacterial flora, disappearing natural skin protection against infection “.

Therefore, Ferrer are other tips to choose a soap that respects the skin pH 5.5 and not break the balance of the hydrolipidic skin (better sobregrasos products).

Thoroughly rinse the soap, dry with a soft towel without rubbing the skin and apply the cream a few minutes later, when the skin is no longer hot. Thus avoiding possible itching.

Finish the shower with cold water is a good choice to close the pores. Active and improves blood flow, improved irrigation throughout the body, which can benefit wound healing, better oxygenation and nutrition of our cells.

Also reduces inflammation, increases metabolism , active defense mechanisms, tightens the skin, etc.

The sensation of cold is governed by the information the hypothalamus sends to the brain, “whenever a whopping person does not come conditioned this feeling by disease, we can try to adjust habits to make more bearable shower warm water , “said Ferrer.

It proposes to control the ambient temperature of the bathroom and then decrease a little each day the water temperature of the shower.

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