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The keys to a perfect ‘smokey eyes’ makeup

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I’ve noticed that I have never in my blog explained how one becomes  eye ‘smokey’ or smoked, and this remains a makeup trend very fashionable and flattering. Although eyes with a natural look are most recommended for the day, this type of makeup is perfect for evening or for special events. The technique takes practice, but it’s not hard to get if you follow these steps.


1. Apply concealer under the eyes,  in the area where the circles are marked. You can apply a prebase on the eyelid. There are also smoothes wrinkles area, and thus prepare the area for shadow application. You can also use a little powder if your eyelid skin is more fat.

2. Apply some translucent powder. It is very important fact apply it in the lower eyelids. At the end of the process you must remove the shadow that usually falls in this area, and this dust will be much easier to do. Important! You can first make the shading and delineated and finally apply your foundation and concealer. Perhaps reverse the order will help your makeup is cleaner, if you are not trained to make this type of makeup.

3. Delineating.
I recommend using a black or brown pencil. Make a line that is securely attached to the edge of the eyelashes of the upper eyelid. You draw the line should not be too broad, because then you ‘ll have to blur. Do the same with the lower eyelid. 4. If your eyes are small  you have to do is put the eyeliner half of the eye to the outside. If , however, you have big eyes, it is best to do the complete line throughout the eye.

5. Blend. With a small brush or sponge applicator, spreads a little color you just put the liner, so that the lines are blurred.

The shadows 

1. Dark: applies a dark shadow brown, brown or dark gray on the edges of the lines you drew with eyeliner. Then go to the recessed area of the eye (where the arc is) and applies the shadow hence toward the base of the eye. Be careful in the amount of shade you use, because too much can ruin it all. Remember that the color is dark and does not require a lot.

2. Shadow clearer: then apply a lighter shade on the upper eyelid, in the area that is close to the eyebrows. This is very important because it will provide a highlight. Diffuses joining the two areas.

3. The brightness tones, gold or silver  apply them in the tear and the eyebrow for light. We can also apply a little gloss in the middle of the eyelid to give a touch of glamor. Always giving it your personal touch.

4. Add expression to your eyes by applying eyeliner along the lines of the lower and upper lashes, as is erased something liner first.

5. Enhances look Khol applying a pencil in the bottom and top internal line.

6. Tabs: curl lashes and put mask in the upper and lower flanges. Apply two layers in the upper, but not forget to dry before placing the first second. Be careful to avoid lumps.

7. When normal remaining traces of shadow outside the desired area , especially in the part of the lower lid. Carefully clean it with a cotton swab or small brush.

more tricks 

1. Start your eyes shining with a light shade or an illuminator applied in the arch of the eyebrow.

2. Combine it with a clean and bright makeup with pink blusher or apricots.

3. Make up the lips in nude tones , although combinations in pink, red or purple are ideal and fashionable.

4. Put aside prejudices and preconceptions , since in eyes ‘smokey’ are not made only with black shadows. This season brings endless possibilities and combinations of colors like blue, purple, green and gold.

5. I recommend using this type of makeup for a special event or night, for the day might be too stuffy. If you decide to do for the day, I advise using bronze shades shadows, light gray, or simply without shadows, use the outline. The darker the color, the higher the dramatic effect of your eyes.

6. When it’s bedtime , do not forget your makeup.


– Shadow : I love the intense gray shade of Nars Scycorax.
– Shadow : Eye Shadow Trio Stila (13 € approx.)
– Shades : Smoky Eye Effect Eyeshadow Max Factor (12 € approx.)
– Shadows : Palette with five eye shadows Bourjois (8,99 € approx. )
– Shadow : Hypnôse Star Eyes Palette Lancome (50 € approx).
– Pre-base corrector for lines of the eyelid, I love the Covergirl TRUblend Fix Concealer Stick.
– Mask : Black eyelash uses Bobby Brown Smokey Eye Mask (€ 30 approx.)
– Mask : Mask Masgic Eyeko Blak (22 € approx.) – Liner: to outline the eye using black pencil L’Oreal Paris Silkissime Eyeliner (13 € approx.) – Liner: Lasting Gel Eyeliner Kiko (5 € approx.) – eyebrows: Keep perfect eyebrows with transparent mascara and eyebrows Yves Rocher (9 € approx.) – Skin: Get perfect skin with light foundation YSL Ink Fusion Foundation (€ 35 approx.)

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