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The keys to apply makeup base

In Hair Care Tips

While there are many types of base, if we had to a general classification are liquid or creamier bases and, on the other hand, the powder.
How to apply liquid or creamier bases?
With the fingers of your hands: It is the traditional way to do this and while other techniques were not all we did well. It seems quick and effective, but it takes some time Why? To spread it over his face immediately the result is not even so you have to take a few minutes to match. In addition the tracks are marked in the face, your fingers will be stained with a fatty product is not so easy to remove. How come if it is free, it has several disadvantages. I only have done so when I have left the brush.
With sponge: The result is neater than with your fingers. There are several ways: They can be round, triangular, coneshaped, etc. And that allows youreach more specific areas like nostrils and eyelids.

Main advantage: you get a good result and are cheaper than a brush.

Disadvantage: the base end more then since the sponge absorbs much product.
If we are talking about a personal use, you must keepin a clean place andhave to wash them periodically. Today theremore professional in some such as the famous Beauty Blender market.

With a brush or brush: Far one of the greatest contributions toworld of makeup brushes and are undoubtedly one of the most outstanding, classical brush base.

Main advantage:
allows youcontrol very well the amount of base that you will use, so it will last much longer. Alsothe application is more even, as the bristles help you get a good blur. In my opinion it is the option that leaves the best finish.

Disadvantage: is the alternative that has greater value, but today are in a range of 5,000 to 35,000 approx.

How to apply powder foundations?

Here there is the option of using your fingers, so you have two possibilities:

With brush: indicated is a natural hair brush Duo or fiber.

is ideal if you want a natural result and light to medium coverage.

Disadvantage: I have to pay for it, but the truth is that if
already invested in the base to take advantagewell need an application tool.

With sponge: It  is ideal if you want a medium to full coverage and is a cheaper option than the brush. In addition you can graduate coverage because the more damped the lightest sponge cover (this is ideal for compact powder).

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