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The keys to prepare the New Year look

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When there are only days to end of year, many women begin to angustiar for the dress, makeup or hairstyle used. Here we help you manage the process more calmly.

Beauty expert and owner of Center
Les Gémeaux Esthetique , Doris Martinez, believes that there are six essential to be 100% for New Year ‘s party.

The idea is to
go a week before the party, to choose well what hairstyle or makeup will use for the event with you think receive 2013.

The strapless dresses are widely used at this date, so a hair is recommended it is taken but casual with a messy twist that can be achieved with loose waves and movement mecha den.

Smoky eyes or “smokey eyes” are the undisputed leaders of the night scene, because they provide a mysterious yet sophisticated look.

It is time to highlight them
with strong colors, which can vary from shades of red, orange and fuscia. If the eye makeup is very ornate, we recommend leaving the strong colors aside and apply glitter.

Although it was very fashionable this year to
use nails with colors like blue, or designs that date French nails, which give an elegant style are recommended. The most daring, choose red.

It is key, because even drag the color of winter, marked by pale skin disfavoring, especially if a strapless dress is chosen.

If you liked these tips, you come to
visit Les Gémeaux Esthetique, where packs of makeup, hairstyle and manicure for $ 35,000.

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