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The cosmetics industry is constantly forced to launch new products to meet the needs of increasingly demanding consumers , adapt to business requirements pharmacies and differentiate themselves from an increasingly fierce competition. In the twelfth edition of Cosmetics and Pharmacy Awards , organized annually by this newspaper, the winners have explained the challenges CF marked in R & D to value their dermopharmaceutical products.

Laboratories winners agree that there needs to be a continuous development in the formulations to adapt to new trends and needs that are generated in the consumer. “Reacting quickly is the key to being updated on the latest trends. Precisely for this reason, we work hard to get shots in record time , “says Alejandra Lopez, brand manager of Sesderma. The laboratory has a team of R & D “which constantly seeks to keep abreast of innovation and competitive differentiation in order to meet the needs of consumers , ” adds the directive.

More effective in less time

In this regard, Raquel Garcia , director of activities Nuxe Sell-Out, explains that innovation is to be more effective in less time , and recognizes that the ideal is to launch one or two new products a year. “We must find the need, active, reaching the site of action, formulate … It is a process that lasts about a year. We have in Paris a laboratory integrated R & D, which is responsible for searching the current trends and develops products “.

  • The new formulations seek to adapt to consumer needs

For a year and a half innovation it has become the cornerstone of business strategy Galénic, Pierre Fabre: “Since then sales have increased and customers , ” says Juan Luis Ramos, the regional director VRP. ” We innovate and renew our products every 6 months because it does competition and consumer demands, and we always do with good communication not seem like a simple facelift”.

Marketing director of Isdin Spain, Juan Aparicio, it also recognizes that innovation is essential in these times. “Depending on the opportunities we find in the market, we launched 3 to 4 new products a year, and reformulate many others. The truth is that innovation is one of the biggest growth engines Isdin, especially in photoprotection, which represents 50 percent of our growth. ” In addition to developing new formulas and textures, Aparicio says it is also important to invest in the packaging of products , which Isdin changes twice a year.

Consumer alert

For Casilda Bilbao, Communications Avene, Pierre Fabre, have to innovate in new products to meet consumer needs. “They have greater access to information through social networks and, in the same way, we know your needs better. Our goal is to cover them with new products that require innovation in their formulas and galenic “. In the case of the solar Avene, which has been awarded by CF, Bilbao explained that protects from sun damage occurs and also has an anti – aging plus highly appreciated in the market. “Now, in addition to take care of a multi -action product you want.”

  • Ideally, according to the laboratories, is launching new products a few times a year

The world of cosmetics is changing because it must adapt to consumer needs based on their habits. It is the maximum that follows Cinfa to address the cosmetic dermatology market. “Now, for example, creams carry more antioxidants to fight fatigue face, which appears due to daily stress , ” says Manuel Serna, head of sales at Cinfa. Not surprisingly, the R & D of this laboratory has two experts who are dedicated to reformulate and renew products .

Improve the quality

The philosophy of La Roche-Posay, L’Oreal, is to improve the quality of sensitive skin and your goal is to be in every home . Precisely for this reason, the firm focuses on three major releases a year in the categories of body, acne and Anthelios. “It ‘s where we want to be leading with innovative formulas. In addition, each time we launch a new product, f ormamos the pharmacist to offer the patient the best advice possible , “says Virginia Cabanas, Communications of La Roche-Posay.

For Klorane, however, innovation is focused on protecting the environment. “Precisely for this reason, we do not seek to innovate speed, but it is useful to the user and the environment. We look for those resources of nature that can be applied to hair care, “says Begoña Fernanz, Regional Director Klorane VRP.

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