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The lentigines are not dangerous, but they would increase the risk of cancer – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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hyperpigmented, flat, rounded edges regular macula, which may appear singly or grouped in areas exposed to the sun. Paloma Borregón, a dermatologist at the University Hospital of Navarra, describes the solar or actinic lentigo. These spots are a mere product of the defined multiplication of melanocytes appear continuous intense chronic or acute exposure to sunlight.

Themselves are not dangerous or become malignant, but be careful with them since “indicate that there is sun damage on the skin and therefore is a skin with increased risk of cancer.”

As indicated Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV), its prevalence is associated with older age, and with the white (seen in 90 percent of whites over 60 years). They are also more normal in individuals suffering sunburn easily and do not tan. By contrast, they are usually not see in people with dark skin.

Other spots produced by the sun but pose no harm is melasma, which are more extensive and diffuse hyperpigmentation spots that appear on the face of young women, being more common in pregnancy and hormonal treatments for contraception.

Borregón scars adds: “They can darken the sun, so that all burn, wound or fresh scar must avoid the sun.”

Although, lentigines and melasma, initially pose no problem, Borregón insists that the use of sunscreen 50+ and avoid the sun in as much as possible. “This is the best treatment.” But if the spots have already appeared: “hydroquinone and products that combine acids can improve the look”.

The most effective methods indicates the peelings and lasers. And if lesions are very localized, you can also apply cryotherapy. Dermatologist recognizes that all such stains can be removed, although in the case of the melasma is more complicated.

In the case of lentigo, “are a very frequent reason for consultation, as they get older the person”. Borregón explains that patients attend concerned that seem to have older and your skin is off. “The most frequent query time is during the summer months because the broncearnos stains are also darker. Still, it is better to perform the treatments last summer, when there is no more sun. “

Unlike the case of other pathologies in which also influences the sun as actinic keratoses, epiteliomas or melanomas. In your case it is not only an aesthetic problem, but are serious diseases.

The former are more pink scraping plates touch and crust over. also appear on sun-exposed areas such as the back of the hands, face and even on the lips. “They are precancerous lesions that can develop into squamous cell carcinoma if not treated on time,” warns Borregón.

Epithelioma (basal cell, squamous) is different cancer-melanoma skin, requiring surgical treatment. While the latter consists of a malignant tumor with great capacity to metastasize. “It usually appears as a dark spot, irregular, asymmetrical and rapidly evolving”.

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