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The mistakes that we make the most when we put on makeup

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When putting on makeup or want to see us more beautiful it is essential to make things right, because small oversights can ruin our look. Pay attention to these five care must have the makeup and your results will be much better. When choosing the shade of your concealer, ideally it a shade lighter than your skin , thus you give birth to your eyes and dark circles disimularás. If it is very clear it will be unnatural. One thing that should follow is not to cover it with your base or apply too much. Fu nción of blush or flush is to highlight the structure of your face

and give light, so it must be right on the cheeks and where these come together with your hair. No need to put yourself in the forehead, nose and in the lower part of the face.
We’ve talked about the fashion of the XL eyebrows, worn with a more natural look and where what is used to be rather thick to thin. You must respect your natural arch, you will thus give a youthful look to your face.
It is a mistake to change its shape by removing hair , definitely not an option get them excessively. Even today there are special make – ups seeking to emphasize their shape and achieve a high – impact look.

or the foundation is fundamental to the result that you get after fix, ideally try to buy what colors you feel more comfortable, the ideal is that the tone is most similar to the natural color of your skin . You can also mix two shades and get the right tone.
Its fun tion is to seal your makeup and keep the face shine , but should be careful in their use, because if you put more than necessary can make you look too made up. Ideally happen once the brush by your face and that ‘s enough.

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