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The most favorable star hair tones

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Like changing trends in clothes,
accessories and makeup, hair colors that are trend they are also changing. The shades of hair takes more this season are especially blond shades, dark brown and red hair. But, would you know what the hair color that suits you best ? Well , if you’re thinking about changing the tone of your hair, I’ll give you a few little tricks to help you choose and renew your image.

1. The chestnut is the quintessential hair color this season

Lighter or darker, but manes in brown tones are carried out : a trend towards naturalness.
Commitment chestnut hair colors if the temples golden, pale and clear or honeyed skin or eyes girlish features,  because the good of this color is that it is a range with lots of shades that may better fit your physique. Also, it does not harden much our traits.

Makeup used for gold basis and always of the same tone and commitment bronzing powders and pink blusher. If you have the dark eyes,  throw yourself to the golden tones and bronzes. If you have the clear eyes, opt for shades of bronze and brown tones. Lips with brown hair support all kinds of shades.

2. The blond remain this season as one of the star hair colors

However, warmer tones replace the cold blond last season. With lighter touches or reddish, blond manes look to be more natural.

Manes very clear blondes are ideal for clear skin.
If you have very sharp features or blond hair round face will do you good, because the face sharpens, softens and smoothes the features hardness.

Green, gray, blue and brown eyes intermediate Please look
eci two this tone. Avoid this color if you’re too dark or are tanned.
Dark or blond hair with gold accents is perfect if you have hard features, a media type skin (not too clear, or too dark) or a big nose.

Sweetens the features without losing our natural appearance. The base of your makeup should be of the same skin tone, never dark, and avoid using bronzing powders. I will favor the pink and peach blushes , the turquoise and emerald green eyes and nude lips and pink tones to reddish.

3. The red and coppery colors remain after the boom of last season with red hair

This year we like without fanfare, the  natural redheads and orange contrasting with paler skins in search of an aspect of “Lolita”.

Skin and very clear eyes, red hair tones are very flattering.
It is a very bold color that
serves both as clear eyes darker, if we choose to mahogany. If you are brown and do not dare with the redhead, try a violin tone that will set you well.

Try using bases clear and reddish and orange makeup rouge . For lips, bet on red brown tones, pinks and.

4. The wicks are essential in any hair color

Since the Californian wicks are reducing positions, the simple life wicks load again. Dare to choose contrasting colors: red or blond if you are looking for simple colors or shades fantasy that no doubt will talk about this season.

5. The darker hair are colored by lighter reflections, either brown or copper, to create a more exotic air.

Forget strictly brown manes, innovates with your hair and adds so subtle touches of color to your hair: use a base not too dark makeup, use bronzing powder, forget the very red blush. As for your eyes, opt for ‘smokey eyes’ in gray tones and uses eyeliner, lips from nude tones to red with which you’ll be spectacular.

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