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The new facial masks of Isdin, a plus of assets for the skin – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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Isdin submitted exclusively to TodoDermo their new hydrogel masks with Slow Release Technology Maskream , which “are an injection of energy and skin active principles”, said Guillermo Jevenois, corporate product manager of the company. Masks are developed by dermatologists that provide long – lasting effect flash but simultaneously moisturizes, matifican or antiaging, depending on the type of product used. “The mask releases its active ingredients, concentrated in a serum 30ml sustained manner, optimizing penetration by capillarity and providing immediate and lasting effect” said Jevenois.

The pharmacist may recommend Maskream to all users who want “extra energy for your skin” and see results “soon” as the product begins to take effect after the first application. The user can choose from three different mattifying, moisturizing and antiaging and applied to the skin for 20 minutes.

Moisturizer contains aquamover that “mobilizes aquaporins skin improving water uptake”. These proteins carry water directly to your cells ensuring an intense and lasting hydration. It also includes vitamin B and C to ” help defend your skin from external aggression, strengthening the natural barrier function “, and essential amino acids provide your skin a revitalizing effect.

The mattifying mask is oil free formula with Sebum Control Complex visibly improves the appearance of pores and helps balance the skin by regulating the level of ceramides and fatty acids. The sebum is controlled and the pores are reduced, leaving the skin clean, fresh and matificada.

Finally, antiaging mask includes a concentrate Elastigen, collagen and AgeDefense Complex , which improves flexibility and tonicidada skin.


* To see how this mask is applied, click here .

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