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The new makeup bases are applied with a dropper

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Forget the old formulas. Now cutting-edge makeup is applied with pipette and dropper. Their formulas, although they are extremely light, so much concentrated pigments with a couple of drops would be enough to cover the entire face giving a natural finish.

As we all know, on the market a lot of different types of products for improving skin from the funds of conventional makeup, to BB and CC creams and cushions, but this is the system background makeup star to most women who want an ultra natural finish as they provide while protecting your skin and treat it with i ngredientes antiaging .

Who if they do not perform multitasking to improve, treat and beautify the skin? Because of its fluid nature, you will be surprised how little you need to cover the entire face. By having diffusers volatile agents and pigments offer correction, homogeneity and brightness, while unifying the small irregularities. You will check how you doing being a juicy, soft, velvety and bright skin

Plus: All these formulas contain sun protection factor , and some very high so they are suitable throughout the year, mainly in summer.  

Application: With your fingers by movements from the center of the face to the side. With the help of a blender sponge, and you can also put a few drops on the back of the hand and then pick it up with a beveled brush and go applying his face.

Check out and stand dripping with these 8 bases makeup Pipette : Giorgio Armani, Dior, Lancome, Mac, Dr. Perricone, Bobbi Brown and Smashbox Isdin make your skin appear perfect and radiant.

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