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The new solar campaign of Avéne focuses on teenagers – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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According to the Spanish Academy of Dermatology (AEDV), in Spain, 69 percent of young people and teenagers have burned last year by sunbathing incorrectly. Based on this data and the fact that sunburned during youth and childhood increases the risk of developing skin cancer later in life, they have made campaign sunscreen organized annually Avéne , Pierre Fabre, is focus on this population. The Health and Sun Campaign , presented Tuesday in Madrid, explores sun exposure during adolescence and concern about acne, with the collaboration of professionals, dermatologists, psychologists and pharmacists.

  • Health Campaign and Sun deepens sun exposure during adolescence

During the presentation, Rosa Maria Valls, director of Dermatological Laboratories Avène, and Ludovic Léo, CEO of Pierre Fabre Dermo Spain, (in his first public act) have pointed out that the messages young people and children about skin cancer and the need to prevent not transmitted with the desired efficiency and adolescents are not protected well. In fact, according to a study by the AEDV in more than 2,000 young Andalusian, 69 percent of children who burned the previous year , 39 percent had used a sunscreen.

Positive messages
During the presentation of the campaign, Patricia Ramirez, a psychologist , has talked about how to get the message of the photoresist teens . You need to send positive messages, no tax to young people. Only this should help young people to fotoprotejan “he said. You have to take the place of the young and their skin without imposing rules that ultimately will not comply and even raise the sun protection as a game “. This idea of launching positive messages, Ariadna Ortiz-Brugues, a dermatologist and medical director of Avène, recalled that ” it is more effective to tell a teenager that if the sunscreen product is cast will prevent the appearance of spots or scars to say that if not the check will have skin cancer. “

During his speech he also spoke of relationship acne and sun. “This is an anti – inflammatory effect and, in summer, there is usually an initial improvement acne. But there is a rebound effect after the summer, especially if the usual treatments, retinol, benzaílo peroxide and tetracyclines “are not used. “The sun promotes clogging of the pores. Hence, the importance of using photoresists having seborreguladores “he explained. “A sunscreen that protects against all radiation is needed , ” he said.

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