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The novelties in skin cancer, the center of the 45th National Congress of Dermatology – Pharmaceutical Post – All Dermo

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To publicize the advances in medical dermatology, surgical and aesthetic, as well as raise awareness about the risks of performing practices without scientific basis or go to centers without medical supervision are some of the objectives of the 45 National Congress of Dermatology being held in Madrid from day 10 and 13 May .

The assembled experts recalled that “Skin cancer is the most common of all cancers. Melanoma is the most serious of all and primarily responsible for the deaths. The incidence of these tumors in our country has increased over the past four years by 38 percent , representing nearly a increase of 10 percent annually . However, prevention and early treatment are two strategies that can, on the one hand, prevent the occurrence of cancer and, secondly, to treat effectively. “

“Both cutaneous melanoma and non – melanoma skin cancer represent a significant economic burden on the National Health System. Therefore, it is essential to know the incidence of disease, establishing prevention and early diagnosis campaigns that will help the government and society to know the weight of these diseases and the benefits of prevention and treatment , “he said during the press Dr. Pedro Jaen press, president of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, organizer of this Congress.


To describe the incidence and mortality of these tumors is one of the objectives of the White Paper Skin Cancer of AEDV, manual, presented at the congress and intends to be a compendium of clinical guidelines and expert papers on this problem. The document includes the main scientific evidence for the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of the main types of skin cancer and help the dermatologist in your clinical practice. ” It is an evolving document, some chapters are already completed and will be presented at this conference, although there is still a way to go , ” said José Luis López Estebaranz, president of Congress and Section AEDV Center.

There are great advances in the surgical management of this neoplasm, with micrographic surgery and edge control , “but we also have other disciplines such as photodynamic therapy, laser and immunomodulators which help eliminate this type of pathology. In addition, in recent times, we’ve seen the introduction of new therapies targeting the molecular alterations of melanoma and basal cell carcinoma “he said.

Experts stressed the importance of prevention in skin cancer. With campaigns like the Euromelanoma , it can have a big impact, but it will not be until years pass. In this regard, they indicated that we must pay special attention to youth and adolescents , because they are the least attention placed on the use of protective creams.

At this meeting, as Lopez said Estebaranz, they will be discussed many other issues beyond skin cancer. “Dermatology is a very broad field, covering the medical, surgical and aesthetic. These days progress in understanding will present pathologies such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and other inflammatory diseases that have allowed us to help patients suffering from these chronic and recurrent diseases with great strides therapeutic level “.


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