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The patient in phototherapy must also be protected – Pharmacist Post – Todo Dermo

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One of the great cardinal sins in dermatology ultraviolet radiation is used for aesthetic purposes, as they have a health risk that dermatologists can not help but remember:

The use of ultraviolet cabins can generate skin cancer , so hancertificado US and European health authorities , ” insists Francisco Vanaclocha, Head of Dermatology Department of Hospital 12 de Octubre, Madrid. Yes, UVA (and also the narrow band UVB) rays, well used and fotoprotegiendo the patient, have become essential in the treatment of certain inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis.

And, phototherapy modulates the immune system and causes anti – inflammatory effects. To do this, clinics and hospitals use different techniques. The most widely used is the UVB of less harmful to the skin because of its lower penetration narrowband traditional UVA, used when the intensity of UVB is not enough for the patient

“In these cases one resorts to PUVA therapy fotoestimulantes mainly psoralen, two or three hours before entering UVA cabins for greater penetration. Is a widely used not only in psoriasis, but also in some skin, vitiligo lymphomas and sometimes atopic dermatitis method for large “he explains.

“Sometimes he adds started treatment with PUVA and when lesions had decreased to narrow band UVB “.

In the Regional Hospital of Malaga and the Virgen de la Victoria, in the same province, where Leandro Martinez is director of the Clinical Management Unit of Dermatology, photodynamic therapy, which involves using is also used photosensitizers such as methyl aminolevulinate, combined with red light to stimulate them . ” He has great results to eliminate the most superficial tumors in precancerous lesions and sometimes not so superficial tumors in patients in whom surgery is not an option”.

According to Martinez, in photodynamic therapy there are times when even the lamps can be avoided and use daylight : “We have always recommended sunbathing sufferers of psoriasis in summer”, he argues.

Although usually gives quite good results, the patient treated with phototherapy should not lose sight that this is a time-limited procedure. Treatments usually last two to three months, with two weekly sessions.

Exceeding this dose of radiation may be very harmful, as other long-term injury may occur in the assisted area.

“The patient must be warned that it protects the most of the sun during therapy so much radiation does not accumulate . And you always have to make these therapies in centers or hospitals and have a dermatologist to control the timing and intensity of the radiation , “says Amparo Rodriguez, director of the Clinical Derma-Balmes in Barcelona.

In addition to minimize exposure to sunlight, during the time that treatment lengthen the patient should maintain very hydrated. “It will help reduce the itching sensation that sometimes occurs,” explains Elena González, attending physician of Dermatology Clinical Hospital San Carlos, Madrid.

Not forget that phototherapy is contraindicated in people with skin type 1 and type 2 times , in children, when there is a history of skin cancer, cataracts, severe liver diseases and pregnant women. Again photosensitive persons or phototoxic take drugs.

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