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The perfect beauty routine for this Christmas

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We started a month with many celebrations, meetings, dinners and lunches. Christmas and winter approaching and we must prepare our skin for it. Today we explain the perfect beauty routine for this Christmas. Follow these steps and looks radiant skin!

Our planning will start just 3-4 weeks before the start of the Christmas holidays.

We recommend a
deep cleansing treatment such as a chemical peel with our ALFA-PEELING ampoules for deep cleansing and removing toxins from the layers that make up our skin to them free of impurities.

Accompany treatment with various stages of application of
gentle exfoliants , trying not to be too aggressive, but without being any pores without cleaning. This phase will be very important because it will get a deep facial cleansing that will be the basis of further moisturizing treatment.

It is a phase that is based on
hydration and nutritiondeep with products that provide a contribution extra vitamins. There are techniques such as virtual mesotherapy or radiofrequency facial treatments combined with cosmetic skin lifting and firming effect get an antiaging effect by increasing the texture and tension subcutaneous tissue.

The effect we seek is to
increase nutritional metabolism of the skin, to make networks collagen give structure and strength to our dermis , and that has an externally visible and sound effect.

In this last phase, we will
focus primarily on the process of
hydration . We must ensure that our skin is prepared for heavy makeup sessions to which we will submit our skin.
We use products with a higher percentage of lipophilic base to address the dehydration that most likely will get the longer events. Creams include in our routine as Kinetinol , our range Vital-Age or serum PROTEUM lets you create a lasting basis for addressing whole nights without problems.

It is advisable to
use a base
makeup soft, adapted to your skin type as advice: try it before the event. We do not want to have any reaction or skin condition with no room for maneuver.

There is nothing left for that long –
awaited day, so we will try to do our daily routine that includes the basic pillars: Cleaning, eye, moisturizing and sun protection.

After the facial cleansing we apply the eye contour serum and
blisters MartiDerm Flash , with light touches on cheekbones so that our skin is prepared for the makeup fix better on the stratum corneum of the skin. This process will endure all night without problems, especially if it’s the last year.

So important is the preparation of the skin as
clean it. It is key that although it is an arduous and heavy task, we get used to make a correct cleansing process. To say that the sooner you do best, is synonymous to do when you get home. Do not leave for tomorrow, get used to take a moment to gently protect your skin with the right products, and then moisturize … and until next dinner!

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