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The pharmacies of Ciudad Real are updated in dermopharmaceutical care for the oncological patient – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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The COF of Ciudad Real held on Thursday, an educational talk on dermofarmacia and oncology. Following the presentation of the rapporteur by the member of Dermopharmacy the COF, Paloma Garcia Castilla, Leonor Prieto, pharmaceutical and scientific director and Training La Roche-Posay L’Oreal, spoke of cutaneous impact of cancer treatments, dermatologic care in cancer patients and the general aspects and types of care.

As the expert noted, ” cancer is spreading and is becoming a chronic disease. And the therapies used to combat it cause many problems and skin conditions, multiply much side effects hence it is important both on the one hand, make prophylaxis, for another, overcome with dermocosmética, so that these effects are minor “. Therefore, both oncologists and dermatologists worksn multidisciplinary way to alleviate the conditions. In this talk, Prieto insisted the most important for pharmacists are informed and can in turn inform patients and advise on the most appropriate dermopharmaceutical treatments, or refer to a dermatologist and oncologist if you observe some side effects.

It should be borne in mind that the skin of a cancer patient is sensitized so that “these patients, we must help them work with products suitable for sensitive skin, with fewer preservatives, that have no perfumes, with soothing elements, in short a series of natural and simple tips to moisturize and treat skin, without forgetting the photoresist even with cloudy weather , “he added.

And of course the makeup corrector, which “increases self-esteem and social relationships, because negative effects, both men and women palian to change the appearance of the skin, which look healthier and feel better.”

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