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The pharmacy turns to patients with lupus drum rhythm – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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On the occasion of World Lupus Day, patients, pharmacists and industry representatives gathered Wednesday at the Plaza de Catalunya in Barcelona, to show their support for people with this disease. The fountain in the square was lit lilac from 21 to 22 hours, with the aim of raising awareness about this disease and make it more visible to society. The initiative #MuchoRuidoporelLupus , driven by the Catalan Association of Lupus EG (Acleg) presented a performance of a percussion group. Thus, it is breaking the silence that usually develops this disease. a manifesto of support was also read to the sick. The event was attended by professionals from the pharmacy and representatives of the entities involved in the campaign Frena the sun sector slows lupus Catalonia. The entities involved were Ferrer, Acleg, Allianche Healthcare and Federfarma, in addition to the Department of Autoimmune Diseases Clinical Hospital of Barcelona.

The driving entity of this initiative is the Federation of Chemists of Catalonia (FEFAC). The program was extended to other regions through other distributors and currently is already implemented in Aragon (Novaltia) and Balearic Islands (Cooperativa Apotecaris), but in June will join the campaign Sevilla (with Bidafarma) and Asturias (with Cofas). It is also envisaged implementation in Castilla-La Mancha Bidafarma hand.

Through pharmacies involved in the campaign, they reported photoreceptors importance of using quality among patients and offered deals with a very low price . Such products are essential for lupus patients, since one of the causes of this disease are UV-B rays are mainly from the sun.


Lupus is an autoimmune disease, ie, produced by the antibodies themselves attacking the body ‘s cells. Currently in Spain around 45,000 suffer from this disease . It manifests between 15 and 40 years and is more common in women. It occurs in outbreaks that can cause skin disorders, muscle pain, weight loss, fever or tiredness . These symptoms may vary in intensity and duration. The most frequent affectations are kidney, heart, lung, joint, neurological and skin which can sometimes cause death.


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