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The possibility of suffering a second skin cancer decreases by half after five years – Pharmacy Mail – Todo Dermo

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A Spanish study, who helped the University of Seville (US) and the Hospital Virgen de la Macarena, said that after five years of first diagnosis of skin cancer , the annual probability of recurrence drops by half.

Research reveals that only two out of ten patients who were diagnosed with skin cancer, developed a second cancer. To reach these conclusions, one was performed followed nearly 1,000 patients diagnosed between 1998 and 2000. Moreover, it was shown that the third year is presented as a turning point from which the odds of developing a second cancer are reduced, and that after five years, this probability drops to half.

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With these results, Worship Nieto, researcher of the study, says it is critical to track the five years after suffering from skin cancer first non – melanoma because this way it can detect “early 78 percent of second cancers “.

Researchers have found that there seems to be a predisposition that is played for the second time, in relation to sex, but if it is evident that women are less frequent because they care more than men after the first injury. In addition, over 60 years and located in the extremities lesions have “increased risk statistically significant second nonmelanoma skin cancer , ” they said.

People with fair skin exposed to the sun for a long time are the most prone to these skin conditions, but the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) states that those affected “do not represent more than 0.1 percent of deaths cancer. “

“Improvements in patient referral between primary and specialized to meet the goal of diagnosing cancer by up to 15 days care and use of teledermatology, contribute to patient accessibility to healthcare resources area hospital dermatology for the first time in its Health Center and this allows the specialist to diagnose early and give proper treatment , “said Nieto.

The number of cases in the last ten years has risen but told early diagnosis as the Research Group of Cancer Epidemiology of the US.

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