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The redness of the skin, is not just a sign of blushing – Pharmacy Mail – All Dermo

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On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the signing Roséliane , Uriage, the training manager has turned to writing TodoDermo to offer advice on how to help and detect patients with rosacea from community pharmacy. Pilar Perez explained, “more than 4.2 million people in Spain suffer from this inflammatory skin disease that causes redness, dryness and burning.”

As the expert noted, ” it is important that individuals affected as the pharmacist know that blushing in situations embarrassing or face heavy exercise is not normal, but it can be a sign of rosacea “. Specifically, “it would be the first phase of this disease which, if not addressed in time, can lead to the appearance of the dreaded spiders or infection zone with papules, situations where treatment is surgery.” These lesions are aseptically without fat but with infection caused by the mite DemodexThat colonizes the skin of the face usually, but in people with the disease occurs in greater numbers. This pathology reports, “it has a genetic basis and occurs between 30 and 50 years , especially in women.”

Sometimes, says Pérez, “in the most advanced stages, users may have lesions in the form of acne pimples that may seem but it is not, hence the importance of recognizing this problem to provide the best treatment.” There are times when users go to pharmacies in search of a treatment for acne and “are treated with products that irritate the skin and worsen rosacea area, such as retinoids or glycolic acid. This use may worsen the lesions and performing peelings or exfoliate the zone.

For these problems, Uriage has its range Roséliane has launched its new cream antirrojeces protection factor 30 . “Clinical results performed by the laboratory to patients, reflecting a decrease in blotches, roughness and erythema in just 28 days , ” Perez said. Its assets are Cerasterol 2F , the TLR2Regul and SK5R . The latter neutralizes the action of the enzyme responsible for inflammation and vasodilation (kallikrein 5). In addition, its formulation with thermal water from the French Alps “provides comfort to the skin”.

The expert recommends the use of a topical lotion as this cream always after washing the face yes: ” Without water the fridge and products not requiring rinse , and specific miscelares waters for sensitive skin.” Syndet cleaners also another option for patients.

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