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The results of the radiofrequency in the skin, visible in the long term – Pharmaceutical Post – All Dermo

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Radiofrequency is a cosmetic treatment consisting of the application of high frequency electromagnetic waves on the skin . “These waves cause a controlled heating in the dermis, which favors the creation of collagen , ” explains Antoni Raja, director of the Cosmetic Medicine Unit of the London Barcelona Clinic. “The electromagnetic wave upon contact with water molecules causes the repolarization and in turn, heat. This heat triggers a physiological reaction that induces collagen production “says Svetlana Babentsova, Medical Laser Medical Institute (IML).

There are several types of radiofrequency treatments, for example unipolar, bipolar, tripolar or multipolar. “Depend on the number of electrodes in the applicator device and each treatment achieves different depths in skin” reports Raja. In aesthetic medicine “it is used especially unipolar and bipolar RF”.

  • After treatment may appear redness that disappear after a few hours

Babentsova notes that radiofrequency affects two types of tissue: the fat and dermis. “Radio frequency waves heat the fatty tissue between 55 and 62 degrees , thereby collagenosis and stimulation of lymphatic drainage promotes” Raja account. In this process it shrinks the skin and skin remodeling begins.

Radiofrequency treatment is ” painless “, but after application may appear redness that disappear after a few hours. “In rare cases of burns occur , but this is directly associated with possible defects in technical professional , ” he says.

It is indicated for people who want to treat fat localized areas , cellulite, stretch marks or sagging. It produces skin tightening treatment very quickly, though, according to the expert, “there are better long – term results because the collagen takes at least two months synthesized “. The immediate effects “are in facial treatments, when it comes to the body the result is seen after a while , ” says Babentsova.

  • In the long term there are better results because the collagen takes at least two months synthesized

According to her, “You can perform a radiofrequency treatment at any age and any skin type skin . The younger, plus the ability to produce collagen better quality is maintained. In addition better results are noticeable when the skin is more hydrated. “

According to Raja, ” cosmetic treatments must be supplemented by other so that the result is the best possible.” The best combinations are “with carboxiterapia, mesotherapy and shockwave ” Raja believes. Although, from his point of view, “the ideal is to make a personalized treatment , because every patient has different needs. To ensure the best possible outcome is advisable to go to a trained professional. “

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