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The secret of A-Derma revealed by Mª Carmen Vallejos, product manager of the range – Correo Farmacéutico – Todo Dermo

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Q. What is the essence of A-Derma and for what purpose this signature product created?

Answer.- Created in Pierre Fabre, where he grew up in the culture of dermatologic requirement, A-Derma has become 34 years an essential dermocosmética brand.

At the heart of its success is a unique and exclusive floor that is an expert: Rhealba oats . After selecting this species from over eighty varieties for its anti – irritant and soothing properties, repairing and reequilibrantes, A-Derma have developed valuable assets that provide welfare to fragile skins.

Q. What is the role of A-Derma products?
A. A-Derma has always been concerned to develop safe and effective products, which has earned them recognition and consumer confidence pharmacists, dermatologists and pediatricians, who advise and prescribe their traffickers ranges to take care of irritated skin and atopic . These professionals have seen their vocation to spread beyond the skin problems and how A-Derma easily advised to calm and soothe the fragile and delicate skin of the whole family.

Q. What role does this division within Pierre Fabre?
A.- A-Derma is the fourth mark in check within Pierre Fabre and is characterized as the only dermocosmetic brand based on a natural plant active.

Q. This signature may be the drug of all Pierre Fabre to focus on certain skin problems users, do you think?

A. Along with other brands of Pierre Fabre, A-Derma is one of the brands with pharmaceutical and dermatological profile. Thanks to its unique asset makes it natural brand pharmacy specialist in caring for fragile skins.

Q. How many pharmacies works A-Derma? Is all working pharmacy A-Derma has to have all products in the range? If not, what is your recommendation?

r. – A-Derma has nearly 3,000 direct customers throughout Spain . No need to work our customers all products. Our recommendation is to work the priority ranges: Exomega (for atopic skin), Dermalibour + , Cytelium and épithéliale AH-Duo (for irritated skin and altered) and A-Derma Protect (to protect the fragile skin from the sun).

All are ranges that allow the pharmacy to give advice and a specific solution to any of the diseases to which they are intended: atopic skin, irritated skin, blemished skin and photoprotection, very frequent consultations at the pharmacy.

Q. What are the top products of A-Derma?

r.- range Exomega is the most important range of A-Derma. It is the line of products for the care of atopic skin . Thanks to its formulation based on seedlings of Avena Rhealba can treat all the parameters involved in atopic dermatitis and thus improve the quality of life of atopic patients as it reduces itching, inflammation and dryness, and helps to space the outbreaks of the disease.

Q. From the wide range of products that have the division which are the most successful lines at the pharmacy?

A. Exomega currently the second range in market values dermocosmetic products for atopic skin. In addition, the ranges Dermalibour + , Cytelium and épithéliale AH duo are also very successful as it can treat irritations and skin altered in an effective manner.

Q. What areas of working A-Derma, more research is done?

A. A-Derma innovates in the field of fragile skin, providing effective products that help treat these skins and bring them comfort, and making constant research work.

Q. What are the latest developments that have occurred?

A. Recent developments have been brought within the range Exomega intended for the care of atopic and very dry skin: Exomega emollient gel cleanser 2 in 1 hair and body 500 ml and Exomega DEFI Milk 200 ml.

Emollient Cleansing Gel Exomega two in one hair and body 500 ml for treating skin hygiene and scalp of babies and atopic children. Gently cleans, moisturizes, soothes and protects the skin and leaves hair clean, silky and easy to comb. No itchy eyes.

Exomega DEFI Milk 200 ml is a sterile, preservative for moderate atopic and very dry skin care emollient. His rigorous and limited to the essential ingredients formulation allows soothe the skin from the first application and restore the skin barrier. Its fluid, nongreasy and nonsticky texture, absorbs quickly and spreads easily.

Q. We could go on ahead developments for next year?

A. For next year A-Derma continue to innovate in the field of fragile skins and conquer two very important markets at the pharmacy.

Q. In addition to research, A-Derma is also responsible to the environment could talk about this party hardly knows? What projects does the company and is reflected in the products?

A. The goal of A-Derma a responsible and sustainable development :

• innovative, safe and effective Asset Management from certified Expertise Pierre Fabre Botanica.

• At the origin of these assets, a single plant, Rhealba oats, grown exclusively in the South-West of France, selected and entirely dedicated land, and according to the rules of organic farming: no pesticides, no fungicides and GMO .

• thrifty use of water: crops with little spending on water and cooling system optimized the manufacturing site (less than 10 percent of consumption).

• The production center is located closest crop and registered as “High Environmental Quality” (a first in the dermocosmético universe).

• 99 percent of waste from the manufacture of our products usefully recycled.

• One hundred percent of the residues of plants are transformed into compost. 

• One hundred percent of cardboard packaging and paper are from sustainably managed forests.

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