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The secret of lacquer: 7 backstage tips to make your hairstyle last all day

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Lacquer never never missing between racks because hair stylists know that it is the perfect place to achieve and maintain the desired look complement.

Anthony Llobet, stylist ambassador TRESemmé Spain and head of hairdressing TRESemmé MFSHOW (editions of womenswear and men held in the Crystal Gallery of Palacio de Cibeles) does not hesitate to say that “regardless of the style he wants to get to suit each of the characteristics of the parade, the lacquer is the final touch needed to help keep “.

It does not matter if a defined curls want, impeccable straight, an informal braid or a slick bun, because although the options are endless,  the goal is always the same:  What woman would not want to keep her hair all gave to? Well, that mission is one of the handles fetish products of any stylist : self – respecting hair lacquer . And attention! not all the same , most manufacturers have several versions depending on the effect desired and get elected: normal extreme, anti – frizz for dry hair or fixing.

But what is the amount sufficient ?, where ?, how to apply retain its effect over a working day? They are some of the questions you’ve probably made. Here we solve your doubts:

  1. What effect are looking for . You have to choose lacquer depending on your hair type and take into account the needs of your hair. From light to extra strong formula, there are several versions.
  2. Never close. To get the most out of your formula, put at least 20 centimeters of hair, making continuous circular motion. Although when you need to master rebels fix the twisted hairs or you can bring it a little more.
  3. Do the test. Before directing the hair, make sure the nozzle is properly lacquer, otherwise you run the risk that comes with microparticles and not excessively impregnate hair, apelmazando the area.
  4. With more volume.  Head placed upside down and shake dispersed lacquer while the hair. Head in place, stretch your hair and spray on the roots of each strand leaving take a few seconds.
  5. Sensitive Scalp.  Usually the formula contains alcohol, which can irritate the skin of the scalp and also dry the hair. Seeks to avoid applying it only means to ends or look for a formula without alcohol.
  6. Greater resistance. Vaporizes the lacquer and then head over iron or curling iron. Set your hairstyle with a second vaporization. Professional hairdressers use this technique in the backstage of the fashion shows for the models are kept hairstyles.
  7. Less is more. Use hairspray in moderation because excessive doses only get the hair from being flattened and dirty hair before you. Better use, check and, if necessary, repeat the operation.


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