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The secrets of Judy Chin, the make-up artist of the stars

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Have you ever you wondered who is behind the shocking makeup of Hollywood film productions? This is the makeup or make up artists , people who perhaps are not photographed on the red carpet, yes are essential for the film speak for itself.

One of these people is
Judy Chin , the make up artist nominated for BAFTAs and Emmys for his work in projects like Black Swan, Frida, Sex and The City, The Wrestler and Requiem for a Dream, among others. Moreover, it is the make up artist staff Sarah Jessica Parker , having worked with her on the HBO series that launched her to fame.

We were with her during the event
Paris Beauty Portal La Dehesa, in which he revealed his top tips for putting on makeup every day.

The main thing, says Judy, is to
investigate and prove different products, and we stay with what we like. “If your thing is to use black eyeliner, then you should. If you want to use fuchsia and thick lips, then do it , “he explains.

According to
Judy, makeup
“is your expression of how you feel and how you want to show the rest”.

But for this do we have to spend a
lot of money? The answer is no.
“I’m a fan of whatever you look good and do not think the price makes a big difference, unless you are allergic to any product , Judy, who came to the event wearing nothing but eyeliner and moisturizer said with colour.

And if you want to
continue saving, there is also a product that, according to Judy, you can use both your cheeks to your lips. This is the
stains cheek , you can find brands such as Bobbi Brown or Benefit. ” He has a terrible taste, but it looks good , ” says Judy.
An important fact given to us, is that the choice of base color is essential for makeup fits. Therefore, we must test the tone of the base with very good light before buying. According to Judy, she takes her clients to a window multitienda to see how they have left on your skin color. If not, do not buy it .

So now you know.
With these tips and you can start and Hollywood makeup, without the need to call a make up artist Let’s try!

You can also check out
this video, which teaches Judy putting on makeup like Sarah Jessica Parker:

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