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The seven most common symptoms of patients with psoriasis – Pharmacy Mail – All Dermo

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92 percent of patients with psoriasis have skin peeling , 72 percent, pruritus , and 69 percent, erythema . These are the three main manifestations refer patients with psoriasis, as explained experts from the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV) in a ceremony held on Thursday, November 3, in Madrid. To these are added other cutaneous manifestations such as fatigue , affecting 27 percent, inflammation , present in 23 percent of patients, and burning and bleeding , by 20 percent.

“There is no doubt that psoriasis affects different aspects, which reinforces the need for all health professionals work on a multidisciplinary approach ” informs TodoDermo Estebaranz Jose Luis Lopez, president of the Section AEDV Center. “Both the pharmacy and primary care at the forefront and this health care from the onset of the disease is essential for diagnosis and treatment , ” adds Pablo de la Cueva, the Working Group Psoriasis AEDV.

  • “90% of the families who have a member with psoriasis affects their relationships”

Both have agreed that control of symptoms with effective treatment is key to improving the quality of life of these people and increase adherence to treatment. In this regard, Cristina Tiemblo, national Dermopharmacy member of the General Council of COF, said that “good communication with the user from the counter help detect the disease and lead to the dermatologist” . In his view, the formation of the pharmacist in psoriasis is necessary for a quality council. “The importance of psychological support from the apothecary she added for those affected to abandon treatment when they observe that injuries do not improve.”

Regarding the social dimension of psoriasis, Estebarán Lopez explained that this is a disease that interferes with the family sphere r: “90 percent of the families who have a member with psoriasis affects their relationships.” In addition, De la Cueva has argued that stress “is aggravating and therefore requires a psychological coverage.”


A part of the follow – up therapies prescribed by the specialist, the national voice of Dermopharmacy highlights the role of the pharmacy in education and information on healthy habits that favor in symptom control. To do this, from the General Council COF it has developed a Decalogue to care for the skin of patients with psoriasis.

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