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The skin rash and itching, the first complaints of allergies – Correo Farmacéutico – Todo Dermo

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Contact with environmental allergens produce reactions that affect mucous membranes and trigger symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, itchy throat and skin conditions such as rash, hives and itching. These dermatological problems are common and, in some cases, the first indicator of hay fever: “You have the experience that allergy to pollens, before producing symptoms of nose, eyes or bronchi, may be in the form of urticaria hives or itchy skin “ , told TodoDermo Pedro Ojeda, allergist and spokesman for the Spanish Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (SEAIC). In this sense, Virginia Barrau, pharmaceutical and vocal in Dermopharmacy the COF of Zaragoza, Makes a distinction between allergic urticaria like pathology and not as a symptom: “The differentiating factor is that, as disease dermografismo by histamine release caused and this is detected by the presence of itching, rashes and skin inflammation.”

  • Allergy to grass pollen and grass may induce contact urticaria

Body itching originates in some people with allergies have skin more reactive at this time: “In particular, allergy to grass pollen and grass (turf) can induce contact urticaria to walk with legs or arms discovered in an area where there are wild or lie directly in contact with the lawn grasses , “says Ojeda. They are therefore most exposed parts of the body which suffer more injuries and this, according to the voice of Zaragoza, is reflected in the consultations which serves at the pharmacy. “A part of conjunctivitis cases soar in spring, many people come with itchy skin and itching arms, legs and chest. However, especially in the area of the neck, symptoms may be confused and treat pathologies related to the sun , “says Barrau.


José Manuel Carrascosa, dermatologist and member of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venerelogía (AEDV), own allergies of spring as rhinitis or conjunctivitis does not affect both skin and highlights those related to sun exposure as polymorphic light eruption and solar urticaria . “The rash consists of red bumps that appear in less exposed areas during the months of March and April , and as the summer passes, the skin becomes more resistant , ” says Carrascosa. However, unlike polymorphous light eruption, solar urticaria occurs throughout the year. The profile of these patients are usually young women and warns Carrascosa, “although the mild clinical picture is usually no relapses”.


photoprotection . To protect the skin throughout the year, Carrascosa commitment “broad-spectrum protection and avoid both the A and B ultraviolet radiation such as visible light.”

reduced exposures . At the individual level Carrascosa advises “sunbathing for 10 minutes and always with protection for the skin gets used.”

A diet rich in antioxidants . “Take foods such as carrots and tomatoes are high in beta – carotene make the skin more resistant”


Appropriate clothing . For sensitive or easily irritated skins spring, Ojeda and Carrascosa recommend cotton fabrics and yarn, avoiding garments synthetic fibers or semi-synthetic. “Light colors allow ultraviolet radiation to pass through the tissues and reaching the skin, so it is best to choose dark colors and heavy fabrics that act as a barrier , ” adds Carrascosa.

Perspiration . To prevent irritation at this time “should be avoided wet clothes after doing some physical activity.” In addition, ” it is necessary to clarify the skin and change clothes as soon as possible , ” said Ojeda.

Cleaners syndet . The syndet soaps “containing essential oils to give more comfort to the skin” are highly recommended as Barrau. “Its function is to hydrate and activate the skin’s natural barrier against allergens and as a preventive measure.” If you have already occurred allergic reaction expert bet “by also have emollient properties”.

Hydrate . “These patients after washing with soap syndet should also apply an emollient and anti – itch cream to soothe the skin and moisturize in depth , ” says Barrau. Ojeda agrees with this idea: “Our advice is that the pharmacist recommend, first, to use as neutral as possible, preservative – free emollient products, often this measure is sufficient to mitigate allergic itch”. If itching persists, according Ojeda, “you have to go to second – generation antihistamines.”

Cosmetics . Free use perfume products and, sometimes, it is better not contain preservatives or parabens, qualifies Barrau.

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