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The style of Juanita Ringeling

In Beauty

Learn a little more to this beautiful actress, her upcoming projects in acting and best beauty secrets.

Juanita is a great professional moment.
Just finished recording his third film “09”, is pre producing a theater workshop in the prison of San Joaquin and also is with new projects as an actress and producer “but it is quite in its infancy so I’d rather not comment much” .

Ofelia about his role in “His name is Joaquin” TVN, Juanita believes that “the television series attempts to
open these closed doors and far for some viewers all worlds.”

Also knows her beauty secrets and tips to stay always so great.

Juanita, tell us a bit what you are professionally and if you have new proje cts in mind.

I just finished recording the film “09”.
I also pre – production of a theater workshop in the prison of San Joaquin. I was inspired enough in the method learned in DoubleEdge Theater in the United States where I interned the first half of this year. It is a workshop for women in the criminal who tries to explore and communicate through the body and various artistic stimuli. Although it has been very difficult to find financing, we finally managed to do it.

Besides, I’m with some projects as an
actress and producer, but it is quite in its infancy so I’d rather not comment much.

What did it mean for you to record a film directed by Martin Carcamo?
The film directed by Javier Aguirrezabal and produced by Martin Carcamo is a suspense thriller fully recorded cell. A very bold bet we expect to see in theaters the first half of 2012. In impersonated a journalism student film called Carolina, she owns the beach house where the weekend of his birthday things start to happen strange which are recorded by her and the cell of the two friends accompanying, Florence (Catalina González) and Andrea (Isidora Cabezón). The experience has been quite different, mainly because there was the double challenge of performing and recording at the same time. We had to be very aware of various technical issues, which, anyway, was fascinating.

There is always the fight between actor tables, television series or movie What do you like or passion?

I like to
explore in different ways, each brings different things and methodologies.

Now if we talk about passion, I think I’m missing court even tables.
If I compare the film to television, cinema far more passionate me not only be part of a shoot, if not the seventh art in itself hallucinates me.

Given the role you did in the television series “40-somethings” where Fernanda fell in love with his teacher, do you could fall of a person 30 years older than you?

I think yes, I am slightly biased when falling in
love, but I think the projection is difficult in a couple with so much age difference.

Your last television work in the television series is Ofelia His name is Joachim, what do you think the world of sects as belonging to your character and its development in our country?

Cults are a universal manifestation of all time.
Perhaps they demonstrate the enormous need to belong to some humans, to be guided and welcomed. And of course reveals that we are beings who possess DNA the idea of hierarchy. Leaders are born spontaneously and his followers are genuine. In Chile they have always existed and today media are known and are put into question. We have also unveiled dramas, flaws and illegalities (such as death of women in the community of Pirque or the alleged domestic violence the prophet of Peñalolén). I think the teleserie try to open these closed doors and far for some viewers all worlds.

You feel sexy when …
has to be a day that is happy, safe and better if it is topped by a hot night, when you can walk alone to dress warm air, flowing hair and a man interested in you and what you talk …

How do you keep fit?

Bicycle as a
means of transportation! Best Friend of the body and the city. Yoga, fabric and weekends climbing hills and bathe in the sea, that the world will end.

¿Sun tanning, artificial or natural leather?

Natural skin with a little sun (always block).

¿Falda or pants?

Skirt, It gives me a sense of freedom!

Report complex?

Lol Miles.

¿Full produced or natural?

Produced naturally.

Your best makeup secret is …

No makeup too.

What cosmetics always accompany you in your wallet?

Blistick, mask and sunscreen.

Your favourite color and nail style?

Though admittedly not too bothered nails, unless a character warrants.

Favorite accessory

Mmm … oh I do not know!

Your perfume

attar Elqui Valley.

Your favorite lipstick color?

Red brick.

Your latest fashion obsession

seems to be my permanent obsession wearing boots.

Do you have any home beauty secret?

Freshly squeezed orange juice every morning.
And ASTROLMELIA SPA 100% recommended! Between Papudo and Zapallar, a place of peace. Where beauty is understood as an integral concept. There is renewed skin, muscles, energies!

Do you have any beauty routine before bedtime or in the morning? Which?

I always clean the face with a gel, moisturizer and then of course on the day blocker.

How much you delay since you wake up until you’re ready to go?

Around an hour.
Among the juice, make the bed, ventilate the house, water, shower and bla blabla.

Your favorite beauty product of the moment is …

Shampoo blueberry PURAsa and it marks a roll on nail made based on extra virgin avocado oil.

Your brand or favorite clothing store

‘m not buying a
lot of clothes. Now I was given a very nice Americanino amazing dress and sneakers Reebok, which I think is worth recommending: the Reeflex! They are like riding a bare foot, bike is the best! There is a designer who I love, Marisol Escobar attends at home, innovative designs and comfortable fabrics. Of course it manufactures small quantities of each garment, which makes it very unique! 

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