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The sudaminas, rashes in children that should not be confused with atopic dermatitis – Correo Farmacéutico – Todo Dermo

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The sudaminas are type rash caused by blockage of sweat glands and subsequent retention of sweat, not to be confused with atopic dermatitis. So warns TodoDermo Fernando Malmierca Sánchez, vice president of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEP) , who recalls that in atopic dermatitis “the inflammatory process of the skin is more complex and has a chronic course where eczema and injuries occur itchy , worse by scratching. “

  • These lesions can break and leave marks on sensitive skins

Malmierca specific than sudaminas which belong to the group of miliarias , namely, the crystal is characterized by small vesicles of one or two millimeters with clear fluid. These lesions can break and leave marks on sensitive skins. “When inflammation is deeper, with a reddish appearance, is called miliaria rubra. In these cases, lesions may itch or even hurt , “qualifies Marina Rodriguez Martin, a dermatologist at the Hospital Chiron in Tenerife.

For Rodriguez, the key to differentiate at the origin of each disease: “The sudaminas are always produced by blockage of sweat glands while atopic dermatitis due to the alteration of the barrier function of the attached skin to weakening immune system”. When were an inflammatory condition, both dermatologists point out that sudamen is not contagious unless there one infection of the lesions, although it is not usual.

The sudaminas are more common in newborns or few months old because it explains Rodríguez- their regulatory systems are immature sweat and can cause malfunction herproducción sweat. As sweat retention is the trigger for this disease, cases increase in summer due to high temperatures. To avoid this , the experts consulted by TodoDermo recommend:

– Wear natural fibers such as cotton or linen, allowing the transpiration of the skin. Synthetics are discouraged.
– No shelter the children too much to avoid sweating.
– Keeping the skin clean and dry.
– Take special care when traveling to tropical countries where the environment is more humid.
– Use sun protection daily to prevent damage from ultraviolet rays.

Malmierca for the best treatment of sudaminas is prevention: “This is a condition that tends to disappear spontaneously and it is best to implement all measures to prevent sweating.” In addition, Rodriguez recommends good hydration “with fluid lotions rich in soothing and anti – inflammatory substances, such as menthol or calamine”. In his view, if there is a profound rash, miliaria rubra such as the use of topical steroids or antibiotics may be necessary if the patient has infection.


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