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The symbolism of makeup

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Makeup is developed based on the style and environment of the person. It is used to beautify the face and help cover imperfections. Every detail we use in makeup propels us something from that person, if you are heavily made up, if you use the proper foundation, colors and lines detailing his face, the area more power …

• Is
Very little makeup or makeup?   It all depends on the situation and where makeup is practiced. A person can transmit too much makeup we aggressiveness, strength or can be recharged too and transmit insecurity due to excessive makeup. In contrast, a person little makeup denotes timidity, passivity, simplicity and naturalness.

• Are neutral or contrast? We use a neutral makeup reflects a simple and caring person, while someone who uses contrasting colors conveys strength provided they are in harmony with each other. We also perceive extreme sophistication and style.

Do I Marking or dithering? A marked makeup conveys more strength, security, deep in the eyes, sensual lips. If you choose a blurred makeup, you trasmitirás elegance and the image of being a caring person.

• Are light or dark colors?   If we use light colors give a refined and elegant touch. We should note that light colors give us volume and vice versa. If we use dark colors intensify the area giving more sophistication. Dark colors are suitable for evening makeup.

¿eyes or lips? If we set eyes give depth to the look, it gives us personality, strength and intensity in that area. We projected security. If we mark lips femininity and sensuality we convey if we promote it in red color even more.

* Tips provided by tuimagenpersonal

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