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The ten best tips to avoid fluid retention

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Why retain fluid? When the body detects a low level of liquids, either because there has been ingested enough or for having abused sodium, it activates a defense mechanism and closed the gates to hold all the liquid which deems it necessary to maintain balance, says Krissia coach .  

Fluid retention affects mostly women in times related to hormonal imbalances such as menstruation, pregnancy or menopause. Furthermore, circulation problems, misfeeding or stress also favor retention and the consequent increase in weight can be about two kilos. 

” It is true that behind fluid retention may have a health condition so you should always see a doctor to rule out these causes. However in most cases responsible is none other than an imbalanced and especially rich in salt or an overly sedentary lifestyle diet , “explains Irene Canadas, nutritionist myBodyStores.com .  

1.   Avoid large amounts of salt, in foods such as salted fish, sausages, sauces, dressings, ready meals, popcorn and some cheeses, especially the roquefort. 

2. Drink two liters of water per day. If the body feels hydrated, it will let the retained fluids are eliminated. However, it is essential not exceed four liters to not retain fluid overload and “fixed well in the composition of the mineral water, not to consume water rich in sodium.”

3. Bring a varied diet of fresh produce. Nutritionist myBodyStores.com advisable to include five servings of fruit and vegetables, have low carbohydrates sodium as potato, rice, oats and soybeans; consume protein (meat and fish) since, after intake, the liver produces a necessary fluids do not accumulate and not forgetting the ‘healthy’ fat, as these are part of cell membranes substance.  

5. Not too much salt or too much sugar. Avoid foods rich in sugars such as desserts, candy, fast food, among others, as the excess glucose crawl water by osmosis and promote their retention in the body.  

6. Practice exercise regularly . Daily walking briskly for 30 minutes can be a first step to keep fit. 

7.  Forget garments very tight because obstruct the flow and hinder the correct expulsion of the liquid, following the usual channels in the body.  

8. Reactive circulation. Maintain a balanced lifestyle in which they are acquiring beneficial habits for proper drainage of fluids through such simple exercises as “complete each shower with cold water in the legs”, as indicated by the Coach Krissia. Another recommendation of the experts is to use creams and massage vascular effect always upwards, from the ankles to the arms.

9. Plants, your best allies. Dandelion, horsetail, green tea and gotu kola must be present in your diet. The dandelion is one of the most diuretic herbs so it is advisable to take an infusion of this herb before lunch and dinner, it contributes to dispose of toxins, fluids and plenty of help in the digestive process. The horsetail helps eliminate liquids, low swelling, has laxative effect that facilitate the elimination of fat and toxins and serves to eliminate cellulite. The green tea  is a potent diuretic that accelerates the body and favors the expulsion of toxins. The gotu kola , plus diuretic, helps strengthen the capillaries. Moreover, as explained in Ysonut Laboratories , there are some “draining” preparations include ingredients like  tails cherry, thistles, ash and meadowsweet , which are diuretics; green tea and guarana, which improve energy expenditure; pineapple and papaya , limiting water retention; fucus , which it provides trace elements that ensure correct levels of water within cells and prebiotic fibers , essential for a good intestinal transit and useful to modulate the absorption of sugars.

10. Fruits ‘magic’.  To counteract the sodium level in the body and maintain fluid balance, Krissia nutritionist recommends  “consume foods that provide potassium, mainly fruits like bananas, melon and watermelon; in addition to vegetables such as artichokes, watercress, chard or pumpkin. ” Meanwhile, Irene Canadas adds to this list the plum, which also helps to stop constipation and onion, which helps improve blood circulation. 

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