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The Spanish pharmaceutical distribution company Novaltia , has organized the Atelier Advanced Cosmetic Hand Asun Arias ,

a pharmaceutical consultant expert category management and in

In addition to training in skin conditions, attendees

were able to
learn the types of consumers and the various tools

of sale to offer the most suitable proposal as well as control and

monitoring of the recommendation.
At the same time, has worked in

depth also cost effective category management dermofarmacia

to achieve increase the average ticket sales, margin and

customer loyalty through pharmaceutical advice.

During the next sessions , (the Atelier, continues with more additional 4 to the above, from September to December 10), topics such as how to make a difference with skin analysis or how to start cabin treatments will be addressed in pharmacies. According to Arias, any pharmacy can implement these treatments in the cabin, and this is a tool that helps further enhance the status of dermofarmacia, as it helps the pharmacist to better understand the different skin types and problems to offer patients the best advice and treatment. For cabin treatments, Arias advised to use dermoanalizadores “to help analyze elements that at first sight unseen and help differentiate skin types. The machine corroborates what the problem favoring the treatment applied to generate increased profits. ” In this way, the user “can see that the pharmacy is not just a drug dispenser, it can also help apply cosmetic treatments.”

Training, key

This service, according to Arias, is recommended for all pharmacies after “previous training” where the pharmacist has to learn to know the physiology and physiopathology of the skin, and then to different types of consumers , as well as assets more important for treating skin, medical treatments or how to alleviate side effects and enhance the effect of the drug. Also during the Atelier , you will talk about makeup and beauty, skin cancer patients, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis or Chemotyped power of essential oils applied to dermatology. The workshop, held in the classroom of advanced cosmetic, aims to teach students to apply these treatments, or how it comes to cleaning, Asun says Arias. Novaltia, coordinates the Advanced Cosmetic Atelier with pharmaceutical Asun Arias, offering its members training sessions pharmacies in Zaragoza and Bilbao.

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