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They agree on a guide on the care of the skin of the baby – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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A multidisciplinary group of

experts, composed of midwives, pediatricians, dermatologists, psychologists,

nurses, neonatologists and specialists in pharmacy, has developed a

consensus document based on scientific evidence and best practices, which

brings together all care related to the skin of newborn infant and

Is entitled
Guide skin care and newborn

, it has been developed under the coordination of J & J and ah been

presented Wednesday in Madrid.
The document is based on four pillars

fundamentals that make up the core chapters: bathing, moisturizing,

massage and care of the diaper area.

The bathroom, besides being part

of the care and hygiene of the baby, implies a moment of intimate contact between

parents or caregivers and baby, since hand contact with the body

gives the baby a tactile stimulation that helps establish connections

neural and creates trust between parents and carers and this.

Cabrera, midwife experienced in the 12 de Octubre Hospital and Care

Primary, Madrid, explained that “should be performed cleaning parts

in the newborn until the fall of the umbilical cord and as
long as the

thermal stability of the baby is asegurada.Sin But there is
no standard

universal and any traditional practice could be appropriate and effective,

always remembering that the bathroom during the first three days of life should not

be forced and, in any case, this should be avoided during the first 24

hours .
Once the baby has stabilized in the extrauterine environment, the

bath can be equal or better than cleaning parts from the earliest

days and should be taken as usual bath short duration from 2-3

days and, initially, 2 or 3 times a week. “


relation to hydration baby, Antonio Torrelo, Dermatologist

Pediatric Hospital Niño Jesus in Madrid, noted that “although we

certain information, we know that the baby’s skin can benefit from the

action of moisturizing substances especially if applied after bathing,

the frequency of application should be at least once a day and that

should always protect babies against solar radiation “.


present, numerous clinical research demonstrating the

benefits of infant massage in infants.
“From the physiological standpoint,

infant massage improves the functioning of virtually all systems

(nervous, muscular, gastrointestinal, endocrine, respiratory) body, and

stimulates, improves communication between the
brain and body, has effects

relaxing and invigorating of musculature helps mature and regulate the

gastrointestinal system and relieves cramps, gas and

constipation, causes the release of hormones such as endorphins, oxytocin and

prolactin and also helps improve system performance

breathing “indicated Matilde Fernandez, midwife and psychologist, teacher of

the Teaching Maternity Unit of the Community of Madrid, located in the Hospital

Universitario La Paz and associate professor in the School of

Nursing Ciempozuelos (UP Comillas).

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