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As if a second skin, American scientists have created an artificial skin , applied as a gel, would prevent the visible effects caused by the passage of time and external agents. This is the proposal of a research group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the General Hospital of Massachusetts and Living Proof and Olivo Labs companies, according to published this Monday, March 9, the journal Nature . ” They have developed a polymer with a kind of silicone aimed at correcting aesthetic aspects such as wrinkles and eye bags , “explains TodoDermo Isabel Sánchez, head of research Tissue Bank University Hospital of Getafe, Madrid.

  • Tests show action to reduce eye bags and increase hydration

This compound is not yet commercialized, but it opens a door to the antienvejeciento cosmetics . MIT researchers have already conducted tests on humans and the results show changes in eye bags under the lower eyelids and increased hydration . “It has been used experimentally in the periocular area to see the effect on eye bags, showing efficacy in reducing the protrusion of the periocular fat and the appearance of wrinkles and creases , ” says Jose Luis Lopez, a dermatologist AEDV and director of the Dermomedic clinic in Madrid.

To assess the ability to retain water compared this finding different areas that had been applied moisturizing creams and petroleum jelly. “In patients who have undergone radiotherapy and people with impaired epidermal may have a beneficial effect barrier” adds Lopez.

According to Daniel Anderson, a professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at MIT, this artificial skin could also be used to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation and drug administration . Yes, about “its use for drug delivery in cases of eczema is something that propose for the future , ” he qualifies Sánchez. And, “in early studies have not yet been analyzed these properties , ” recalls Lopez.

  • Hospital de Madrid Getafe working on a model involved in the healing process

Ten years ago that started this work, the focus has been to mimic the properties and behavior of the skin for both cosmetic and medical applications. “Many have tried to get it , but the materials developed so far have not reached the qualities of flexibility, comfort and ability to adapt to the circulation of the skin and return to its original shape , ” says Barbara Gilchrest, a dermatologist at the General Hospital Massachusetts, in the article published in Nature .

As for products involved in the healing process, highlights the work done by the team of Sanchez at the Hospital of Getafe. “The tissue we’ve developed is a skin functioning aimed at healing the wounds of patients , he says.

The researcher explains that his model was developed from stem cells obtained through a biopsy. “In the future when removing stem cells from each patient skin adapted to the needs of each person and avoid the problems of rejection will be achieved , ” says Sanchez, since he is currently in experimental animals.

With regard to skin grafts that are made today, this expert notes that they design vascularized skin : “This allows the skin to receive the nutrients needed to maintain life and follow their evolution.” Nothing said Sanchez on the market other compounds polyurethane used to cover wounds. “However, not treated skin substitutes, rather they are a basis of one ‘s skin to improve the characteristics of elasticity and appearance and facilitate the action of other products , ” says Lopez.

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