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Thirteen makeup tricks to hide wrinkles

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Daily face care is
essential to avoid wrinkles and look much younger appearance . It is also important to know how to reduce expression lines serving us makeup, as incorrect application of different cosmetics will get the opposite effect and cause wrinkles much more visible.

1. Before you start making up the face, it is essential to moisturize the skin does not look dry . Apply your usual moisturizer or anti – aging and, above all, do not forget to use a specific eye contour because it is an extremely sensitive area and which become more visible effects of aging.

2. Apply moisturizer every morning and before making up your face using serums and tries to apply makeup A prebase before you leave the skin more smoothed and prepared.

3. Once you have applied your treatments, apply a liquid base and anti-aging makeup. now there are many on the market that help for their active components and anti-aging are makeups that make it all smooth, reaffirm, unify and illuminate.

4. I recommend
always smooth and creamy texture . I mix them with a moisturizing serum with light effect. By having optical properties and greatly improve the brightness of the skin, the result is spectacular.

5. To apply I mix both products on the back of the hand , so the base is heated and is easier to extend. I then apply this mixture on the skin, dabbing, such as circular massage. Thus, the product adheres well to the skin.

6. To unify and refine makeup, usually apply some powders. But when it comes to disguise wrinkles, it is best to avoid mattes and compact powders and, instead, apply a small amount of loose powder in the T zone of the face (forehead, nose and chin). Thus we prevent product concentrate on wrinkles and look more.

7. Do not abuse powders, especially matt powders . These mark the wrinkles, if you use that are with light effect.

8. Do not abuse the foundation as it provides too much weight to the skin and accumulate in the lines and wrinkles.

9. Do not apply too much foundation on wrinkles. In these “conflict” areas such as the nasolabial folds or crow’s feet, apply basic fewer than in the rest of the face.

10. For your eyes, try to always use light shades and neutral tones. Never sconces very dark colors! Apply color all over your eyelid and your fixed eyelid and caters specially the tear and the outside of your eye. 

11. Apply an illuminator in the lacrimal just below. So you get to show a look of freshness and lightness. Do not forget to apply some mascara, but only at the top, so your eyes are intensifying.

12. Apply blusher in the upper part of the cheekbone, over the barnyardgrass. Being a darker skin color, it makes too much recommend arrugas.Te down a little blush and stick to the cheekbone, without raising too.

13. Finally,
apply lip glosses in your bright with soft colors and pearlescent. It is best not to use very dark tones or kill, because then you get to score more small wrinkles you may have around your lips. Naturalness commitment.


1. Emulsion eyes and lips contour Phyto-Aromatique of Sysley (120 € approx.)

Rescue mask – Eveloom (65 € approx.)

Cream Color Antiedad Sensilis Supreme Caviar Cream Color (32 € approx.)

foundation – Teint Lift éclat Spf 15 Clarins (45 € approx.)

foundation – Designer Lift watches (50 € approx.)

foundation – Nutrilift Gold L’Oreal (30 € approx. )

illuminator Pencil L’Oreal-Luz Magique (€ 14 approx.)

highlighter Pencil Le Eclant YSL Touch (€ 40 approx.)

Poudre Lumiere antiaging Maybelline Fit me (€ 20 approx.)

illuminators powder – Shimmer Brick compact Bobbi Brown (46 €).

Lip Gloss antiaging – Color Riche Anti-Age Serum L’Oreal (€ 16 approx.)

Lip Gloss antiaging – (. 35 € approx) pour Rouge Couture Vernis à lèvres YSL

brilo Lips Anti – Aging – PHYTO – LIP GLOSS Sisley (38 € approx.)

Lip Gloss Antiedad – Sensilis Perfect Lip Gloss (€ 14 approx.)

What you may have a wonderful week! Until my next post! xxx

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