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This is how they take care of themselves, the most beautiful: their tricks and advice

In Natural Beauty Tips

How to make them the most beautiful, to be as they are? Let ‘s review their tricks.

Marian Way says there comes a time in life in which, beyond moisturizers, you need something that acts directly against the signs of aging. Since the border exceeded 40, it has pointed to serum and recommended.

Blanca Suarez is at war against the harmful effects caused by the thin layer of ozone. His triple advice: sunscreen, umbrella and do not expose the skin to the sun in the hours when its rays strike more directly. 

Patricia Conde refuses to rigid diets and confesses that need their dose of macarons Ladurée and chocolate chip cookies Schär, because otherwise it puts face chard. 

Malena Costa, on the other hand, has received the call of macrobiotic food and is beginning to leave the dairy, red meat, flour and refined sugars, etc.

Elsa Pataky smiles when asked what he has done to regain the figure so well and so quickly after her motherhood. The actress says that miracles do not exist. His secret is exercise, exercise and exercise, because the body has memory and even during pregnancy lowered the intensity, do not stop allowed immediate recovery.

Maria Leon follow a perfect routine to keep your immune system. Regularly delivered to the lymphatic drainage treatment which also relieves fluid retention in hips and abdomen. 

I prefer how it rides María José Suárez, who takes every trip to Sevilla to exercise walking from Constitution Avenue to the hotel terrace Eme, then combine the ride with stops, which compensates energy expenditure 
the covers.
Indiscreet …
As I write these lines, Kiko Rivera has just released a new love, Irene Rosales, a Sevillian gorgeous does the number 126 ‘is yes, yes’ She is a model, of course, and has become a tattoo with the figure 24 the arm of the ‘Dj’, because they met on 24 April. He has already declared his love where more dominates: Twitter. She also told him she loves him a ‘Jart’. But the girl, in her haste, has forgotten to delete a photo from your previous churri, which still retains in your account. 

… and a question

What desired actor says he is dancing ‘Macarena’ every night?

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