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This summer dazzles … with your skin!

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Hi everyone@. We love to see how the celebrities shine their skin in summer events. They seem to have lucky to have perfect skin . But all we can have if we prepare to shine equally . I tell you how:

  • Shedding dead skin.  To prepare the skin as if it were going to a big event, mixing a cup of sugar and half a cup of olive oil. Then rub the paste over wet skin with circular motions. Do this at home, and you will not believe how soft your skin will be later.
  • Treat skin problem areas.  To slough dead skin of particularly difficult issues may need something stronger. Cut a lemon in half, pour sea salt  in two halves and rub them on your elbows, heels and knees.
  • Hydrate.  Jennifer Aniston and Penelope Cruz , for example, do not wear makeup or fake tan on your legs, just a moisturizer. The trick is the kind of cream,  how it is used and how it applies . But if you have a rich moisturizing cream I advise to add a few drops of oil to bath water,  freshen and gently dry off. It’s a good way to avoid excess oil on the skin  with the amount and fair moisturizing benefits. Or try one oil infusion balm for the body after showering.
  • Exfoliates dry.  Like the other scrubs in the shower, this sloughs away dead cells and provides shine and smoother appearance. If we do every day in a week you’ll notice the difference … .if especially after we use a rich moisturizer.
  • Self-tanners.  I do not like self – tanning spray or apply directly to the skin, prefer to apply with a washcloth or sponge in circular motions so there are no lines. I then use a blow dryer to dry the product, the color does not look good until it is dry. And this technique will allow you to see if you have been uniform tan or if you need to apply a second layer in some areas.
  • I mix it . After the self – tanner color appears, applying a lotion with brightness in the vicinity of the shins,  in the clavicle  and in the blades. I like Nivea Sun-Kissed, with it your body points of light shine naturally. Usually people make a mistake by putting shine throughout the body: you want to shine, not a walking shine.  Looking for a body cream with soft iridescence and try it on the back of your hand. To brighten the skin of the models on the catwalk  I use Guerlain Terracotta with Huile du Voyageur,  which is a dry and nutritious oil. Whether you’re blonde and brunette will make you look like a goddess gold .

Girls, let ‘s
get to work! To shine! 
I see you in my next post … Until then, enjoy! xxx

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