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Thousand and one tricks for perfect makeup

In Hair Care Tips

Hi everyone s. Do you want some tricks I use to disguise? There are many, but we will start with ten basic and complicated and we go every week, do you think? So let ‘s start:

1. First of all we need to have good tools (paintbrushes), so that our makeup is easy to do. To begin with I advise one to apply makeup (although I apply the foundation with your fingers and perfected by brush); one for correccione s flatter; powder brush loose; brush to apply blush ; one brush hair short to shadows and lip brush. We can start with Armani , Bobby Brown, Mac, Kiko or Sephora … 

2. A good foundation. It is very important that is your tone. I advise you to know if it is right that you probéis a bit in the jaw near the neck, not in the hands or elsewhere. It will be the best blends with the color of your skin. The biggest mistake is to wear makeup darker than your skin basis . I advise bases Helena Rubinstein, Chanel , Dior, L’Oreal, Lancome, Nars.

3. Corrector. It is essential in our set-up, to correct under eye, in the sides of the nose, chin and around the corner of labios.Os advise in beige tones to counter the grayness of dark circles, liquid it is easier to apply. If you have beautiful skin is not necessary usually makeup base, just fix some imperfections. Later I will explain how.

4. Mask. A good mask makes the eyelashes look with body and volume. Search the containing hyaluronic acid, collagen and vitamins; with mascara brushes covering without overburdening . Choose the brush fits your eye shape is important. A good trick is to put a mirror to apply it under the eyes, pass the brush from roots to ends, below and above, and wait for it to dry and apply a new coat . For me the best are the masks of Helena Rubinstein, Lancome, YSL, Dior , L’oreal.

5. Curler. Choose one that will not break the tabs and mold to the shape of your eyes because there are many on the market. You must apply before the mask and gives very good results heated first with a blow dryer , curling lashes and last longer as well. The teneis good at Mac, Sephora, Chanel , Dior …

6. eyeliner or eye pencil. Black pencils give more depth to the look ; They help you get the effect ‘cat eye’  (cat ‘s eyes) and always with a touch of pencil you can change your makeup quickly. Brown or gray colors You can sadden. To create a more natural effect rather than a straight line performs very straight points with the pen , and look more natural as if part of us.

7. Base pre-makeup. We ‘ll you apply before makeup and are often made of vitamins, collagen. Its  effect is smoothing and moisturizing and skin will be soft and smooth ready for makeup. The duration of your makeup will be longer . I advise the alisante base Sephora, but now almost all cosmetic lines have them : Lancome, Chanel , Helena Rubinstein, Clinique, Mac … I always apply before starting a makeup.

8. Eyeliner. Use it liquid , and use it to have a foothold , it will help you make the best stroke. Make the long and fast line and try it once without stopping, from inside to outside.  Do not topstitching makes a strange effect, it is better to delete and start again. One trick is to mark first very gently with a pencil black and so you have a basis to follow.

9. translucent or compact powder. If you apply a good foundation you will not need compact powders. I am more in favor of the translucent and loose that applied with a broad brush under the eyes, forehead, over the nose and chin.

10. illuminators. Get luminosity is basic makeup. To get it can dilute a little enlightening. Even you can also use concealer makeup base and apply it to the outgoing areas of the face and the top of the cheekbones, nose bone and chin. A touch in the lower jaw the highlight.

The skin must be perfectly clean and moisturized before applying makeup. A little trick is before makeup yourself a self – massage to stimulate the circulation blood. Pinch yourself gently from the inside outwards and upwards so oxigenas skin. Skin, how to take care and how to apply foundation to make it naturally we discussed in the next posts …

To be continued …… Until next, xxx week. 

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