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What are some tips to achieve fair skin tanning?

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12 tips for a great tan

Can I go on the same day under the cabin and in the sun?

This should be avoided, if possible, so as not to exceed the daily dose in UV rays and thus take a sunburn.

Why does not the skin tingle evenly everywhere?

The inner surface of the arms and legs is more difficult to bronze because it contains fewer pigmented cells than the rest of the skin. The face does not tan either because it has a larger stratum corneum to protect it from UV rays.
Freckles and moles contain a lot of tanning pigments and therefore darken faster than the rest of the body. Compressed skin parts are less well irrigated. Lack of oxygen can lead to a decrease in the intensity of melanin pigments.

Can we shower directly after a tanning session?

The rumor that a refreshing shower after a tanning session removes tanning is a real prejudice. Tanning is a phenomenon of synthesis that takes place in the skin and not on the skin. Take care of your skin by taking a shower and applying a moisturizer – your tan will then be really highlighted.

How long does the tan last?

About 2 to 4 weeks after the last sunbath. Following the natural renewal of the skin, the upper cells are repelled gradually. After about 28 days, the skin is renewed. The tanning of the skin can last longer thanks to specific sun creams.

How can one prolong the tan of the holidays?

You can go to a tanning salon once or twice a week. A few minutes of exposure are enough to completely preserve the tan of your holidays.

Can we or should we prepare normal skin for the sun?

Even if a prior exposure to artificial UV does not properly protect from the sun, stimulating your melanic system will help you tan more quickly on your vacation spot, and in addition you will arrive with a good look!
The doses of ultraviolet rays received before the solar exposures will not add to the solar doses, since the beginning of “photo-protection” caused by an ultraviolet preparation decreases the dose received in the sun, and this without factor of duration of this protection, since it is acquired through the skin and lasts all day.
But be careful, you must always wear sufficient protection during your exposure to the sun.

Can we tan in the shade?

It’s entirely possible. Tanning is not only due to direct exposure to sunlight, but also to secondary radiation in the direct environment.
Sand and snow, for example, strongly reflect the sun’s rays. So we also bronze under a parasol at the edge of the sea.

Do you tan indoors or outdoors?

Although ultraviolet radiation is similar in both situations, the intensity of a tan taken outdoors can never be accurately predicted because of changing factors: time of day, time of year, altitude, ennuagement pollution, wind, depreciation of the ozone layer, proximity to the equator, reflectors, etc. In a tanning center, the results are controlled and therefore predictable.
Thanks to the most sophisticated technology allowing a meticulous dosage of UVA and UVB rays, tanning beds simulate solar radiation by minimizing the risk of erythema and sunstroke commonly known as “sunburn”. Let us add that the devices made available to our customers emit for the most part UVA rays. We reproduce a safe sun. A 20-minute cabin session is approximately equivalent to the tanning result obtained with a 3-hour exposure to the sun. Natural sun exposure is much more dangerous since UVB and Infra-Red are not filtered.

Are scrubs exfoliating the superficial layers of the skin beneficial?

Exfoliating preparations, which are very useful for cleaning the skin from the beginning of unhealthy pigmentations and malicious irregularities, should give way, in the week preceding the holidays, to nutritive creams that do not soften the epidermis, or even strengthen it.
The epidermis represents the only lasting protection of the deep layers, the thicker it is, the less the dermal structures will be affected by the sun’s rays.
The preparatory phase for solar exposure is at least as fundamental for fragile skin and the future of the skin as sunscreen on the exhibition sites.

What are the imperatives of solar exposures?

Preventing sunburn and minimizing the doses received by the skin are the two imperatives for all those who are exposed to the sun, for pleasure, sport or work.
To prevent sunburn, whether you get tanned to face the sun, or without protective pigmentation, the skin must become accustomed to new solar radiation, different from those that caused the tan.
You will need to use clothes, umbrellas, sunscreens. Attention during any exposure, one must withdraw any cosmetic product photo-sensitizing (perfumes, deodorants, etc.).
Under medical treatment, refer to the package leaflet and seek advice from your pharmacist, some medicines are photo-sensitizing and can cause significant damage under UV.

Can people of skin type 1 use tanning in the cabin?

People with skin type 1 (very sensitive) react in a very sensitive way to the sun and should, in the opinion of dermatologists, give up tanning.
However, avoiding sunlight completely means giving up important positive effects (eg photosynthesis of vitamin D3).

Will using sunscreen prevent me from tanning?

On the contrary! Although the skin color changes less quickly when you wear sunscreen, the final tan will look better and more durable; sunscreen will prevent your skin from burning and flaking. In addition, a progressive tan is less dangerous, more uniform and more durable.

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