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Tips and cosmetics to control your eyebrows

In Natural Beauty Tips

They are also at the mercy of fashions. Discover how they are and what you have to do to get them and keep them. 

Nothing changes over the face of a woman drawing her eyebrows . And yet, fashions have imposed the most extreme forms and throughout history changes. The total unicejo which had in ancient Greece, the absolute depilado of Elizabethan England; the fine line drawn almost boom of the 20s, the maximum thickness and almost wild current women comoCara Delevingne and Lily Collins, curiously, they reflect féminas other times: Audrey Hepburn in the 50s and Brooke Shields in the 80s.

So they take now

– This year it ‘s thick, heavy and delicately worked show them off , but with the hairs from the beginning with a slightly untamed touch. Groom them outward, as proposed by the make – up artist Olivier Gay.

– The modern look is a less arched eyebrows, straighter and very stuffed says Linda Cantello, official Giorgio Armani Cosmetics makeup.

– The glamourosas also are thick , but, in the opinion of Pat McGrath, Global Creative Director Dolce & Gabbana Beauty, have a slight angle in the middle of the arc, which ends in a point. To define better and get a more dramatic effect, filled with pencil and do firmly. And give volume by applying a little highlighter just below advises.

Thus improve and adapt to your face

– If yours are sparsely populated, follow the advice of Monica Frown, The Lab Room, and marks a slight arc with a pencil a lower tone of your hair, bald filled with short strokes and blend.

– Your goal is to mask other features of your face? If you have a round face , defined arc; if too angular, rounded eyebrows, the American expert says Kelly Baker.

– If you have a wide nose , eyebrows approach will serve to tune. I do ushering inward eye socket. Should there not start your eyebrow naturally, filled with a specific pen to this area.

So their tools are used

– The pencils are used to define (let you mark the bow and draw false hairs) and lengthen.

– The creams and powders are used to fill thinner areas to give background and to provide intensity eyebrows very light colors.

Tinted gels are used for dyeing and transparent, to fix.

– The growth serums help you get those eyebrows waxed too and bald spots that seem unrecoverable.

– The clamps should use them only for removing hairs out of place and to keep drawing you created previously, a professional. Brow Bar in Benefit you design them perfectly for 22 €. You’ll find them in their boutiques in the corners Sephora and El Corte Ingles.









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