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Tips for a Wise Men 2014 full of illusion

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This year there are parents who have to think about the morning of Reyes as the economic situation does not allow them to ask the Magi from the East what your kids are wanting. However, it is important to remember what has happened in previous years. Children receive gifts full of hope, but after opening gifts, play around with each toy and many of them are completely forgotten for months, if not forever …

Talk to them: Children can understand that the Magi have many children who attend in one night and they have to deliver for all children worldwide. They can also understand that now no longer have as much chance as before because they have changed many things, but do not need to give details about the family ‘s economic situation. We must not transfer children’s concerns adults. 

Write the letter together: A good formula to guide your children in their petitions to the Magi is you to write the letter together. You can prepare as a family event , with paper, pencils, colors … Together able to write a letter to ask what really makes him illusion. In addition, you can set a limit of requests and explain that among the things he ask the Kings are magicians who choose what suits you best. Similarly, you can take the idea of those gifts that budget out of presenting other options that you may know they like. 

Compensad: It ‘s not about having more gifts than anyone else, but to compensate carefully, because the gifts will never make up for the lack of affection. The best gift for a boy or girl will be share with parents. Surely if a share offer after opening a beautiful package with a simple wrist or with a humble ball, dad or mom and play for a while, they forget that there is much more. It is giving away one of our most beautiful treasures: time.  


parental expectations

Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar not understand psychology. For more than repeat a thousand times our children that only bring gifts to children who behave well, we can not expect a change in behavior in children by Christmas gifts. For children there is no temporal relationship Obre behaviors and attitudes that can seek to influence. For children must obey them to understand that positive or negative consequences that have are related to their actions. 

Gifts January 6 do not maintain their influence throughout the whole year . However, the time to devote to them, now and for every month whether they will have a positive effect on small . If what we want is that gifts have a direct effect, have to go spreading them throughout the year. 

Similarly, when children get up and find a mountain of gifts is also advisable to dispense them . Nothing happens because discover everything they have brought them and live with enthusiasm the fact open all the gifts. Sure esses day not stop playing and will go from game to game full of energy. Then comes school, work and daily routine. Those days can remove some of the gifts and save them to bring them out again a few months later. Discover in amazement again filled her eyes forward to the day that you turn them out to play with them. 

Thus, small take advantage of the full potential and attractiveness of each toy allowing everyone to thoroughly enjoy. 

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