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Tips for brides not to trip over the same stone

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One of the phrases that have attracted repeated at this time is “Do not liar”. Which, let me tell you , it is impossible. All around you wants to say, and finally, for one or the other, leaving just convince you. Especially because you think that the house strips “total, not home every day” and the window. That was exactly what my partner Raquel told me before anything else: ” Do not go in the game is a once in a lifetime Mary, do not go “. “When I married, I wanted to just take a sunflower to accompany the dress. I went to the florist, I messed up and I ended up with a giant bouquet , “he recalls, laughing. And it is that, as she kept telling me, “as you want to do something out of the classic will not find more obstacles”. 

Still, the most frequent mistakes at a wedding are those in which no one notices. So we turn some things that do not fall into the simplest things. Dominique, my lovely colleague Blog Shopping Philosophy , has given me great tips to consider as “avoids stockings with silicone band is lifted off me upon entering the church” or ” Bouquet if summer tuck in fridge , a friend of mine came to the altar with him pocho “. He also recommended to learn to move well with the dress in any of the tests: “I wanted to dance waltz but it was impossible with such layer so we ended up with a slow song ready”; and dressed in a site instead of moving to the photographer: “If you want good photos, go to a site with space for photos, I went to a hotel because in an apartment of 60 square meters is complicated.”

But if there is something that unfortunately I will not put influence, (though I would have warned several girlfriends) it is in the nerves that I have around. “Try to have someone quiet close in time to get the dress. In my case my parents were of nerves and if not for my brother and me up the zipper, and I put the veil! “Explained Dominique. Even my mother went through something similar and has reminded me more than once: “Your grandmother was so hysterical that made me leave home an hour before way to the ceremony. We were three quarters of an hour locked in the car holding the heat, so I broke sweat of the hair and makeup . ” 

Ironspike are all these and many other wise advice that I received (and still receive many more hope to make a second part) in order not to stumble again with the stones of which I speak. Although hard I try, I am sure that within a few years appears in a text like this with my own mistakes. And it is that if everything is so perfect, it would be so boring … 

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