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Tips for brides: what accessories to wear on the wedding day, and how to choose them

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After choosing the date of the bond, if it is a civil or religious ceremony, the place of the banquet and party, theme wedding, wedding dress, hairstyle and makeup, it’s time to address these Little things that make a difference. And, as you know that Mujerhoy.com we are convinced that supplements are key to a perfect look, we could not miss the opportunity to devote a chapter in our section ‘brides’ to these accessories. Veil or headdress, shoes, bouquet, notes of color … Take note of these five tips to hit, and of these 10 proposals to choose from that we offer.

Tips for choosing your bridal accessories

1. Something new, something borrowed, something blue and something old:  like most things in the marriage rite, this tradition also has its meaning, so it’s always good to ignore these small ‘superstitions’ which also give a unique touch your bridal look. Here we tell you what each one means .

2. Comfort is the norm:  why, when choosing your supplements should be aware that the ‘day B’ is very long, and you can not risk to wear pieces that get in your enjoyment just because ‘is nice ‘. So dont go up to 15 centimeters heels when dancers usually use or carry a veil of several meters that make it hard to walk you, or you fill jewelry you’ll want to keep in the safe minutes after leaving home. There is always an alternative and equally stylish option that allows you to be radiant and at the same time comfortable. Here we show you 20 models of color bridal shoes , and here another 10 blank .

3. Accessories to go with your personality:  there are few things worse than a bride in disguise. If you have not made the mistake with the dress, hairstyle and makeup, why you were going to chafarlo with add -ons? 

4. Touched or veil? Both options are equally good views, and both will look beautiful. But keep in mind that a headdress or crown of flowers is more suitable for wedding day or outdoors, while veils or mantillas that are more typical in traditional weddings. Oh, and remember that although the veil can take away the bride once starts the agape, not so with headdresses, which should shine throughout the day. Here we leave the tips Philip Treacy gave us a few days ago to choose headdresses.

5. Notes Color:  It is often said that the bride is white and radiant, but why not give light touches of color to look? It is increasingly common search for other tones not only in dress but also in the field , shoes , headdresses and crowns … And the truth is that we love it !

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