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Tips for cavity-free teeth

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The medical team Ruber Hospital Dental Madrid has published a Decalogue of dental health tips in recommending not eat “assiduously” very sugary foods and some fruits like bananas or pears, since its composition increases the likelihood of tooth decay .

However, according to
this panel, including what is best to maintain good teeth are increased
protein intake (nuts, legumes or cheese), calcium and vitamin D (milk, fish or eggs), fluorine (seafood, tea, vegetables, cereals or legumes) and vitamin A (carrots, liver or butter), C, and K (red pepper, kiwi, parsley and olive oil).

They also recommend avoiding drinking lots of carbonated soft drinks, acidic juices, white wine, champagne, champagne, tea, coffee and energy drinks as ” high temperature contrasts between food may become significantly harm your oral health “.

Similarly, the use of “straws” for drinks intake favors the preservation of teeth and prevent decalcification and premature wear of the same, as reported in a statement.

As teeth cleaning, this panel recommended brushing after each meal for two minutes , brush change every three months and also floss, interproximal brushes and fluorinated mouthwashes without alcohol.

Also they advocate clean the tongue and palate regularly to prevent the occurrence of dental diseases with the help of a tongue cleaner or brush.

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