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Tips for dry skin care

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A few weeks ago we talked about the care of oily skin , today we will focus on the care of dry skin . Remember that every skin type serves about specific care. Thus, the starting point for applying a good dermocosmético treatment is to identify the type of skin you have, in order to provide, rightly, what you really need.

Dry skin is characterized by generating
low amounts of lipids , meaning that our skin produces little fat or fat (as opposed to oily skin). The first symptom that shows that we have a dry skin is lack of moisture . Skin feels tight and rough and it shows that it lacks moisture.

Also if dryness persists and treat it
properly we would enter a new stage:
Very dry skin . This type of skin is characterized by very tight , scaly , cracked and pruritic . This effects contribute topremature skin aging and wrinkling.

Another symptom that
find is that dry skin is more likely to be
intolerant, reactive or sensitive skin . We are furs that require a lotmoisture but we must be careful with the products we deal with this type of skin.

Finally we found the
dry and dehydrated skin . They are skins and generate little sebum or skin oil, the percentage of water having very low. This type of skin is very common, because the little surface that have oily skin, promotes water loss more quickly. Step 1: Daily facial hygiene is essential
We must make a
double daily cleaning : morning and evening. In addition, we must avoid doing only water as no lipophilic particles are removed properly. The continued use of water may dry the skin andfavor the evaporation of the water content of the stratum corneum. Cleaning solutions as oil are the most recommended for this type of skin. In MartiDerm within our Essentials line, we highlight the cleaner micellar oil . With this cleansing oil will remove impurities and makeupaddition to moisturize and nourish the skin. Leaves no greasy feeling. Step 2: Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize!
Products used to provide hydration to dry skin are unique acting leaving on the surface and in the outer layers of the skin
substances that help retain water needs inside and givea softer, flexible and less rough texture .
It is important
use hydrants solutions to help you. Among blisters MartiDerm for this type of dry skin include the PROTEOGLYCANS blisters moisturizing intensively, provide light and prevent and reduce wrinkles. Also if you have excessively dry skin, we recommend that after the ampule sconces the moisturizer Vital-Age for dry and very dry skin that restores skin vitality and elasticity providing hydration and radiance.
If we want
promote hydration, we recommend applying a hydrating serum (before blisters proteoglycan and moisturizer). This extra step will help to offset the loss of water and will provide more elasticity and radiance toface. Step 3: Apply nutritious 1 time a week masks
This step is critical.
Dry skin due to lack of moisture, may have a dull and inelastic. Applying a nourishing mask will return the lost light. Within the product line MartiDerm we recommend when it comes to dry skin, apply the mask Hidro Mask moisturizing and firming and can be applied a few times a week. Lookinga hole in your schedule and weekly aplícale an extra dose of hydration. Step 4: Exfoliate the skin every two weeks
rid of the dead skin will be the best way to show a healthy face and care.
However,is not recommended too often for dry skin. But do not forget to exfoliate your face every two weeks to help regenerate your skin. Step 5: Choose the right makeup
Finally, take precautions with makeup.
A powder cosmetic can dry your face more.



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