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Tips for getting a lasting make-up

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When we go to a party we care about our appearance, especially our face, so it is essential to have a cute makeup. But spending the night dancing and typical of our skin features make this gets out, leaving only a nice reminder of how we looked at the beginning of the night.

We spoke to
Laura Boettiger blog and studio Make up Insiders , who explained that skin type is one of the main factors that make makeup not last“Oily skin, produce more oil to make the surface of the skin is more slippery, then applying makeup it tends to come easily and with difficulty adhering face. Dry meanwhile have the opposite problem, they absorb more quickly makeup, so not hard to them “ .
Sometimes people make mistakes when choosing the right products for your skin type. “If I have oily skin and cosmetic use oil potentiometric that natural oiliness. Same with dry skin, because if I use products for oily skin’m not giving moisture needed for the makeup set. You always have to think about balancing the skin, that we make makeup last longer , “says Laura.
To begin preparing the skin, first and foremost is clean and moisturize. This is the first step in the makeup last longer.

Make –
up artist emphasizes the use of the
first , which “is a special product that helps prolong makeup . Its function is to prepare the area to be made up, in addition to creating a smoother canvas and make it last longer . These act as a barrier between the skin and makeup, so you have to then apply to clean and moisturize the skin before makeup ”
Several types of primers , depending on the function they have, including smoothing the skin, moisturize and illuminate . In addition these products exist for each area, both for face, eyes and lips.

Long –
term products are a good option in these cases. Among them eyeliners, shadows, waterproof masks, lipsticks and foundations. “You have to choose each according to your needs, not necessarily because makeup is absorbed equally. There are people who takes them less shade, other base to mention a few cases , “he says the expert Insiders Make up.

In addition to properly
prepare the face before applying makeup, other products applied afterwards, and that help our face is flawless for longer.

Laura points out that 
“should apply translucent powder shadows before and after the foundation or concealer, because they absorb oils and fix the makeup.”

” It
is a good ocpción finish your look thermal spraying water on your face, to seal and fix. It works very well, in addition to moisturize and give a fresher makeup touch. You can do several times a day , ” she advises.

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