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Tips for having a tanned skin

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I look perfect skin! But when it lightens dark spots on my face and neck … Tez explains why you formed me appear.

Melanin is the substance that gives color to your hair and skin, and when your skin receives sunlight melanin is oxidized to protect the inner layers of the skin, depending on the type and color you have skin is obtained the result of tanning or burning, which can take up to 72 hours to appear.
(See table photo skin type).

Eventually dead cells are eliminated and with it the melanin oxidized by the sun is discarded, restoring the original color of the skin, but when sun exposure is prolonged and inadequate to counteract the effects of the protections used solar radiation can develop severe skin problems, such as hard surface and deep stains, freckles, skin cancer, premature aging, and others.
Why you always have to fight sun damage, which can be a bronzed days on your skin cause unfortunate results.
• Take the sun always with sunscreen, preferably in the morning until 10 am and in the afternoon from 4 pm.

• Before exposing oneself to the
sun clean your skin well to remove any cosmetic or perfume that can be photosensitive to radiation.

• Use a good sunscreen, even in winter.

• Never expose to the
sun if you are taking photosensitive drugs.

• Apply your sunscreen 20 minutes before exposure and reinforces every 2 hours, and whenever dip your body.
If you are aware of the damage caused by the sun. And you want to have a golden color, complexion recommends new self – tanning towels for perfect and lasting color without compromising your skin and health. Pre-moistened towels with suntan lotion for perfect application; dry instantly on contact with the skin, are fat – free, non – staining and color up to three hours; In addition, you can use daily to achieve a more intense color. Recommendation charming complexion. Notes to the results you should apply it regularly. Just so you get clear existing blemishes and prevent the emergence of new ones.

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