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Tips for healthy hair all winter

In Hair Care Tips

Hair care in winter and keep it well stylized can become a challenge. Moisture, rain and wind can affect how it looks and feels our hair, so we need something more than auida.

We spoke with the ambassador of L’Oreal Professionnel,
Alexis Garrido , and Kérastase Ambassador, Manuel Oviedo , who gave us some tips you can serve this season.
Alexis Garrido (AG): My recommendation are comfortable cuts, which facilitate combing especially coats, hats and scarves, as used in winter. For example manes or long hair to chin.
Manuel Oviedo (MO):The choice of a cut does not conform to the station but the need for every woman, this is to create a look according to your face, body, personality, and so on . It is how to create a custom look.
AG: A hair with movement, which can accommodate a styling product and long hair under the shoulder straight and natural, which allows easy discipline.
MO: Usually not, but women very wavy hair may be recommended a good brushing to lower the frizz or work their rippling with curling iron to further enhance its waves.
AG: It is opaque, wins frizz, besides setting hair. The hair tends to look more dry.

MO: wearing hats affects hair setting and leave the mark at midheight. AG: The most recommended anti frizz products are both treatments that help keep nutrition and discipline wavy, frizzy or unruly essence. In styling products also find some protecting from moisture, thanks to a hydrophobic film, also it provides an extreme brightness. MO: Italways very importantknow which products are neededour hair and this will be determined after a capillary diagnosis. Cold, moisture and high mountain sun also produce sensitivity. A recommended product is one that can control the frizz and quality of the hair fiber.           AG: Of course, dark, warm, cold ...all takes. First and most important isbe beauty consultants, make our clients radiant, happy women with their appearance. It is as simple as knowing howinterpret your true style, lookachieve skin tone, eyes,is always necessaryadapt the color tocut and not hurt any recommendations in the key makeup as everything revolves around color. MO: The colorations go according tolook of the person, in some cases if we create a little more light in winter, because then we brightest. AG: Behaves undisciplined, loses shine and tends to dry enough by using thermal tools like hair dryers. Anyway we can helplot to protect products using thermo active treatment or hairstyle. MO: One of the main problems in winter frizz that the higher humidity is higher their presence. Also dependingthe type of hair, the highergreater ripple will be the frizz and this can be controlled according to the products used.

  AG: No matter the season, the hair suffer most are the natural frizzy or colored, they tend to be dry. This feature increases when the woman creates a vicious cycle to wash hair daily with the intention of achieving discipline, oruse daily endunused tools thermal protection products. MO: Wavy hair is suffering more in winter. With humidity, frizz is present and greatly increases its volume, but we can controlwith products that add texture tohair. AG: I recommend drying your hair completely, provided with a protective product. Wet hair increases its porosity by water and thus is more prone to breakage. In the event that the client does not wantdry your hair is always advisableapply a finishing product to protect, in this wayensure more hairtreated. MO : He always subre to dry or styling tools like blow dryers, hair irons or hair. It is always necessaryuse products that allow thermal block the action of heat and atsame time provide nutrients tohair. AG: The frequency of visits tosalon does not determine the season, this is only a choice of the client, she is attending the room as needed. MO: It is always advisableattend the salon for hair treatments every 30 days and haircuts every two months. It is the way to keep hair cuts and in excellent condition.


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