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Tips for lonely travelers

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If you’ve already made the decision that these holidays are alone and only for you. Follow these tips from a website specializing in travel, which encourages women to pack and choose destination, but with confidence and enthusiasm. Preparing the suitcase, how to orient or how to avoid dangerous situations are some things to consider.

Destiny. How many days you think about it, what budget, and what experience you want to live. Travel alone can be fun, but should also be safe, so it is advisable to investigate the chosen destination. We recommend using the guides in the country, to make sure you’re not going to appear alone in a strange, dangerous in the wrong time or country. Things to consider is the time and climate of each place, such as periods of hurricanes in the Caribbean or the monsoons in Asia, the vaccines necessary or even clothing you should wear. For example, to visit Hindu temples or mosques Arab, you must go barefoot, you might want to bring some socks.

Leave heels. For starters, when you will not have a man at your side to carry the suitcase, you have to think about the size and weight. Note which involves uploading a maletón a train, or run the subway or the airport with a thousand packages. Really think about where you are going and what you need: do not take an outfit for each day, or clothes you love but you know that after all do not you go put. You can buy special quick – drying towels, which weigh nothing and do not take up space in your suitcase, and if you get a dryer that does not have external adapter and is dual voltage, you will save a lot of space. Be realistic, and pack the essentials .

Improvises. It is best to go alone, you can change your mind twenty times without having to argue with anyone. It’s your trip, your time, and your decision. Even if you take a more or less formed plan, let yourself go, and if you find or bar really cute next to the beach, hidden in a garden hotel, or a street where they play jazz until dawn, do not have to go there. You never know what an adventure like this might hold, so our recommendation is that at the bottom of the suitcase you include some essential many: a blade to shave, a roll of toilet paper (you never know what bathrooms knows one will have to use ), an umbrella, a good book for long journeys, and some makeup need to be gorgeous if suddenly

Maps wonderful. If you meet the female prototype and not have a sense of direction, fear not! For some maps were invented. Wherever you go, estúdiate good map so you know more or less what walk on land, and if you can tell the driver any street that you want a ride to the hotel, all the better, and will prevent unnecessary detours to overcharge. So you do not take your hair, try to give the impression of having everything under control, but if you really lose, nothing happens! Enters a bar or place where there are many local people, and questions without fear. If you are spending your holiday in China, where many people do not speak English, always carry pointed hotel name and address in Mandarin and can read it and help you find it .

Open your mind. Make a single trip is an excellent way to meet all kinds of different people. Hostels, hotels, train stations or airports are places of crossroads where we do not usually talk to people if we are accompanied. However, to go alone, you’ll see how to find people with fascinating stories. Yes, you must be careful at times if you see some type gets too heavy. If you do not know how to take them over, Invent you expect people in the hotel or in a restaurant … a fib occasionally never hurt anyone , and can help you get more relaxed.

Merge with the landscape. The best thing is to be relaxed to pass unnoticed as possible, so listen to her that old adage ” When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. Make sure you do not wear clothes or carry them stop, they can be striking. For example, if you’re traveling in India , although women show the guts with their saris, striking women show shoulders or legs too . Also keep in mind that not everyone gestures or greetings mean the same thing, so find out what you should avoid in certain countries, for example, give two kisses to greet: a Mediterranean custom, but can give elsewhere the wrong message.

Source: Easyviajar.com

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